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Raditz' Origin Story
Topic Started: Jan 6 2017, 11:10 PM (1,747 Views)
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"Bwonsamdi, he be waiting to greet you."

Okay, this is probably not new to most of you but I found this Dragonball Zero bit that gave a backstory on the origins of Raditz. I know it's not necessarily canon, but, appears to have been written by Toyotaro - the man behind the Super manga (with Toriyama behind him).

Let me know what you think. I certainly found it interesting, and considering Raditz is Goku's brother and he is maybe mentioned once or twice after the Saiyan saga, well, I don't know. I felt like he was a very unexplored character. He was given a lot of significance as Goku's brother, but, he only ended up bridging Dragonball into Dragonball Z, and then dying. This is still the brother of Kakarrot - Son Goku - I always thought this was peculiar. Many don't like Dragonball Zero from what I know, but, for those of you who have seen this, I'd like your thoughts. And same if you haven't seen it. Let me know I didn't waste time pointing something out everyone has already seen :lol:
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Thanks to NinjaSushi for the art - and Darker for pestering me into changing it. Happy now? It's Logan! :p
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The Lord of the Dark

You can hardly call it an origin story.

It doesn't really show or teaches us much about Raditz or Bardock. It's just a fun little fanmanga Toyotaro made back when he was Toyble, nothing else.
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