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Who was more evil, Raditz or Nappa?
Topic Started: Jan 4 2017, 11:58 AM (548 Views)
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In my opinion, I'd say Nappa was easily the more evil and barbaric of the two. Raditz although much weaker, seemed a lot more composed and did seem to give Goku a few chances before turning on him and I also don't think he wanted to hurt Gohan at first, only after he realised how dangerous Gohan could be did he attempt to kill him.

What do you guys think?
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Nappa is just a dumb brute... he wanted to use the dragonballs to revive Raditz and encouraged the Saibamen to do better against the Z-Warriors after Vegeta killed one for not taking the fight seriously.

Raditz used his own nephew as a hostage so Goku would join him and even tricked him to weasel his way out of fate.

Raditz is definitely more evil out of the two but both were easily more redeemable than Vegeta at the time.
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The Saiyan Hunter

I wonder.

On the one hand, Nappa is more sadistic and brutal than Raditz, but he showed more redeeming qualities, as he cared enough about Raditz to suggest reviving him. He also seemed to care about the Saibamen, coaching them in their fight and being shocked when Vegeta killed one of them.

On the other hand, Raditz is more sane, but was still willing to use his own 4 years old nephew to force his brother to join his cause, and outright trying to murder him when he proves himself to be too "dangerous".

I'd say that Raditz is more evil.
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"I am the bone of my sword."

It's hard to say. While it's true Nappa showed more honorable traits such a wanting to revive Raditz and supporting the Saibamen, he was also far more violent and destructive as a person also. He was clearly loving it when he tormented the fighters and mocked them all the way. At one point, even when Vegeta told him to wait, Nappa was going to go on another killing streak. He might have a sense of comradery with his own kind or those related to it such as the Saibamen, but it seems to only go that far.

So it's like saying, whose more evil?

The guy who shows no redeeming qualities and kidnaps a kid (Raditz) or the guy who shows some redeeming traits but commits mass murder and chaotically tortures people around him while mocking him.

The way I see it, the amount of good things Nappa does, those "honorable qualitieis" he has don't matter unless they address those evils of his. If I commit murder, me petting a puppy doesn't change what I've done. I feel the same is true for Nappa. His atrocities are just too great for his so called "honorable traits" to change.

Meanwhile, Raditz atrocities (that we see on screen) consist of one death and one kidnapping. And for what's it worth, the farmer did shoot first. Otherwise, he seems far more interested in just looking for Goku and getting a specific job done.
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It really doesn't seem like Nappa cared to or wanted to revive Raditz. First he asked Vegeta if he'd use the Dragon Balls to revive Raditz and after being told that no (the wish would be immortality), he replied as "Now that's a wish", meaning reviving Raditz wasn't even a worthy wish. See here:

As for the topic, in my opinion Nappa is more evil, as Raditz at least expected them Saiyans to revive him, telling me he would have done the same had Vegeta or Nappa be killed.
Edited by ahill1, Jan 6 2017, 06:54 AM.
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Agent Dark
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This is a tough one. Raditz is more controlled but smarter. Nappa is a brainless brute but more destructive.

Gonna have to go with Nappa on gut instinct.

Raditz may also have had some comradely, we never saw that side of him.
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I Yoeri

Raditz had no problem using any method to get out of a jam, telling a a good-hearted Goku that he'd promise to be good just to get Goku to let go of his tail, afterwhich he punched Goku to the ground and kept him down. On top of that he used Gohan to make Goku kill 100 people, promising to kill him if Goku didn't comply.

Nappa on the other hand had no qualms about killing anyone, but obedience to Vegeta hindered him in doing so. If it was up to him he'd destroy or enslave the Earth and move on.

In my opinion however, I think all saiyans have redeeming qualities and probably could be turned over to the good side. They wouldn't necessarily fight for evil, they were just in a really s***ty situation with Freeza.
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+ Greenough
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It's really hard for me to say, but I'd say maybe Raditz. Nappa doesn't really seem to make decisions for himself all of the time, not that is completely all his fault, but everything he does is based off of what Vegeta says and does. Like stated above he actually cared when Vegeta had killed off a saibamen, obviously things would be different if the saibamen was on the other team but still. Raditz took his time more with Goku and didn't kill everyone instantly, like Nappa would have done, but that doesn't say he's less evil than Nappa just smarter. I'm not sure if there's really any solid evidence that can say Raditz is more evil than Nappa or vice versa, but that's all I have.
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Dankness Flame
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The Dankest Of Flames

Nappa just listened to Vegeta and his saiyan instinct. Raditz was a snake through and through. I wanna say Raditz was more evil.
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