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What would happen if...
Topic Started: Jan 1 2017, 03:24 AM (205 Views)
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Elf Dimension Style Pupil

Someone was sent to visit some tribe that hadn't had contact with the outside world ever ended up being killed by them?

That would be an odd situation. Not like you could put whoever done it in jail, they might not even have that concept and by their laws killing the person might have been justifiable...but obviously it's not outside of their society.

I guess they'd just have to be left alone? Sending anyone there would just be met with violence and surely nobody would be okay with sending a bunch of soldiers in to gun them all down.
Assuming they didn't speak any modern language at all there'd be nothing we could really do right?
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Agent Dark
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If they had been left alone that long, then I assume it would be safer for them to be continue being left alone.

Funny story, in my psych class, we read an article about a researcher who visited a remote tribe in Africa and was studying their culture. My prof had actually arranged a skype call with him on the big screen and the class was free to ask him questions. The tribe he visited were hunter gatherers, and they believed in witchcraft. My prof half jokingly asked if he was safe with them. According to him he said would be fine since the tribe consider him an outsider and not well informed in their cultural rituals to pose any threat. We just took his word for it.
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