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Android Saga Power Levels; Android Saga PL
Topic Started: Dec 18 2016, 10:37 PM (256 Views)
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So, we all know that after the Frieza saga Power Levels are almost impossible to measure. But I enjoy taking guesses and debating amongst the community. So I'm putting here my power level estimates for the Android Saga. Please feel free to point out any mistakes or to voice your opinion.

Tenshinhan 2,500,000
Krillin 2,000,000
Yamcha 750,000
Gohan 2,250,000
Picoro (weighted clothes) 80,000,000
Picoro (unweighted) 115,000,000
Goku 5,000,000
SSJ Goku 250,000,000
SSJ Goku (sick) 120,000,000
Vegeta 5,200,000
SSJ Vegeta 260,000,000
Android 19 100,000,000
Android 19 (energy absorbed) 200,000,000
Android 20 90,000,000
Android 20 (energy absorbed) 110,000,000
SSJ Trunks 165,000,000
Android 16 450,000,000
Android 17 395,000,000
Android 18 380,000,000

I might be one of the few people who still thinks Gero and #19 are not strong enough to defeat Frieza, at least in their "base" form.
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+ Pyrus
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Krillin should be stronger than Tenshinhan, and Gohan should be stronger than any of the humans. He was far stronger on Namek and nothing indicated this changed, not to mention he trained with a Super Saiyan and a Super Namekian.
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+ Greenough
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I'm not overly picky about human levels, but Gohan should be above all of them. Android 20 should be stronger and you should probably include Vegeta's power after 19 absorbed his energy. Vegeta admitted that he probably would have lost if he fought 20.
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