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Your difference between Semi-Perfect Cell and SSJ Goku
Topic Started: Nov 14 2016, 07:13 AM (554 Views)
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This is [Full Power] Semi-Perfect Cell and [Full Power@Cell Games] SSJ Goku.

Just curious. Can't remember why... but I'm sure it'll come to me by the time people answer...
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+ Pyrus
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Around 10x is my guess.
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Glad to see this topic grabbed all kinds of attention.

Curious to how that 10-fold gap compares to your gap between Nappa and Chaozu.
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+ Pyrus
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That's only a 500x gap.
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Saiyan Paladin
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CG FPSS Goku is 7x stronger than FP Semi-Perfect Cell by my numbers.
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I Banged Sam
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My power level list only goes up to Android 17 and Kamiccolo, so SOL
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+ ThePrinceOfSaiyans
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Second Form Cell: 1,000,000,000

Super Saiyan Full Power Goku: 3,000,000,000

Goku is 3 times stronger IMO.
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Semi Perfect Cell - 20,000,000,000

SSJ Goku - 120,000,000,000

6x gap.
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Ketchup Revenge
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I don't believe that the ungodly gaps of the Freeza Arc continued into the Android and Cell Arcs.

As far as I'm concerned, a 10x gap is more than enough.
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12x seems right to me.
Edited by OmegaSaiyan2, Nov 20 2016, 03:19 AM.
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+ Greenough
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Goku is a bit more than 3x stronger for me.
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Mr. Hashbrowns
Member Avatar

Semi-Perfect Cell: 6,500,000,000
MSSJ Goku: 30,000,000,000

A little under 5x.
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No Avatar

Let's see:

Semi Cell 2,500,000,000
Vegeta SSJG2 3,300,000,000
Perfect Cell (tooling Vegeta) 6,600,000,000
Goku SSJ (50%) 6,600,000,000
Trunks SSJG3 8,000,000,000
Trunks SSJ (Cell Games) 8,500,000,000
Vegeta SSJ (Cell Games) 8,800,000,000
Goku SSJ (100%) 13,200,000,000

So a 5.28x gap. I can go with the 50% SSJ Goku >>> Trunks SSJG3 route, making the gap even bigger.
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+ Solid Snake
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滅Are you frightened?

Super Saiyan Goku (Namek): 150 million
-strain: 125 million or 1.2 loss of actual power

Base Goku (Trunks): 3.5 million
-Super Saiyan: 175 million
-strain: 145,833,333

Base Goku (Androids): 10,500,000
-Super Saiyan: 525 million
-strain: 437,500,000

Base Goku (Cell): 525 million
-50% Full power Super Saiyan: 13,125,000,000
-Full power Super Saiyan: 26,250,000,000


Imperfect Cell (Gingertown): 600 million
-post-thousands of humans: 710 million

Semi-Cell: 7.1 billion

Perfect Cell: 49.7 billion


Have a 3.6x gap between FPSSJ Goku and Semi-Cell.
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Semi-Perfect Cell: 960,000,000

Base Vegeta(Post Rosat): 17,000,000
Super Saiyan Vegeta(Post Rosat): 850,000,000
Super Saiyan Grade 2 Vegeta: 1,275,000,000

Base Future Trunks(Post Rosat): 16,000,000
Super Saiyan Future Trunks(Post Rosat): 800,000,000
Super Saiyan Grade 2 Future Trunks: 1,200,000,000
Super Saiyan Grade 3 Future Trunks: 1,600,000,000

Perfect Cell(warming up): 1,500,000,000

Cell arc Base Goku: 65,000,000
50% Super Saiyan Goku: 1,625,000,000
Super Saiyan Goku: 3,250,000,000

Goku is little over 3x stronger.
Edited by SuperSaiyanGodGogeta, Dec 18 2016, 05:10 PM.
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