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ssjb cabba vs dark golden frieza
Topic Started: Oct 18 2016, 09:35 PM (379 Views)
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for a saiyan without god ki he is strong so with god ki he'd surpass god goku and vegeta as of right now and dark golden frieza is the one in the xenoverse 2 trailer both dark magic and god ki are one heck of a power,

ps no stamina issues and if you think cabba wins give frieza demigras power up which is more powerful than towas magic
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who wins
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if you give same boost as Goku for SSJG Cabba, he'll stomp Freeza, you have here this:

SSJB Cabba >>>> SSJ3 Cabba (Hypothetical) >> SSJ2 Cabba (Hypothetical) > SSJ Cabba >>>> Cabba (God Ki Absorbed) =/> SSJG Cabba >>>>>>>>>> SSJB Vegeta (U6 Tournament) > Golden Freeza >>>>>>> SSJ Cabba (U6 Tournament) = SSJ Vegeta (U6 Tournament) >>> Base Vegeta = Base Cabba > SSJG Goku (BoG Arc).
see? this is too much of a difference between SSJG and Pre-God, i don't think Dark would cover that big gap, so SSJG Cabba one shots without effort, SSJB Cabba would accidentally kill Freeza by coughing.
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