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Sparkly Glitter

Posted by + Havoc_Wreaker (Elite Member) at Oct 12 2016, 04:12 PM. 20 comments

Its gonna be a short write up this month but here we go...
Guess who's back with a brand new rap(copyright what).So what happened this time around? Not much to be honest, not much at all, but to keep up with this segment and for me to stay relevant(mostly for me to stay relevant) let's start off with a random quote from a member “If we're all just part of a computer programme, how often are we switched off?” Post below who you think said it.

Battle Zone
Let's talk about it. I thought the tournament would be over by the time I posted this but it's not, shucks. I mentioned it last month and I will say it again, this place is heating up. And it's no coincidence, having great members in this section like Goddess Ultimecia and Daemon Keido among others. Rp’ing is making a come back so if you're on the fence or not sure about playing, hit up these members and they will convince you. Talking about great members and a hot section, almost seems like this place could use a moderator…nudge, nudge, wink, wink, someone like the members I just mentioned, nudge Tim…….

A Short Appearance
A forum great came back for a little bit. Rogue dropped in and did the whole tough person act (that gender neutralness right there, oh baby). I stopped to think and wonder if Rogue was gonna help Tim around the forum, you know put in some work, after some pause I thought nah Rogues just here to mess around and leave. Oh but I got some good tips from the great, I have to add pictures in this newsletter and glitter that is key, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Rule Changes
There were a few rule changes here and there, nothing major but I decided not to do a big write up for. It’s really short nothing much to say so I will link it for those who missed it, It’s important we uphold the law (scratched out), rules.

The End
So this is the part where we have a an interview at the end of the segment but I’m sorry but that interview was horrible, you know what I’m not sorry. Accelerator was the member I interviewed great guy horrible interviewee. Our interviewee next month is Tim, so it may or may not be juicy, no promises. Here is some glitter to end it, see you cats next month.

Posted Image

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

Posted by Tim (Prince) at Sep 29 2016, 05:02 AM. One comment

Hi all,

Firstly, please see the recent Rule Changes as posted by Sam yesterday.

I would just like to let you all know about a few minor changes I have made to the forum.
- Calendar has been disabled (if you legit use this please let me know) in order to tidy up the menu bar
- Chat link now directs to our Discord channel instead of IRC (RIP in peace)
- Board Rules link is now cleaner and should accurately reflect the new rules
- DBZF Staff List is now updated and can be found here

That pretty much covers all the little housekeeping things.
Sorry for the post so soon after Sam's - I have a rather unreliable internet connection at home right now and it is very hit and miss as to whether I can actually do anything!

A reminder to everyone that you need to PM myself (or another active member of staff) on Discord to ensure you get masked and can do all the fun stuff like chat to us in the voice channels and such.


Rule Changes

Posted by Sam (Team Leader) at Sep 27 2016, 09:52 PM. 12 comments


I get to be boring today instead of Tim. Take that Tim. And Copy. I'm going to find where you live.

Anyway, we have two fairly minor announcements to make. One is that the overall forum rules have been overhauled to include a few things, you may view the new board rules here:

New Board Rules

The changes are highlighted in bold.
Credits to Tim for doing all of the editing there. :)

Secondly, I'd like to thank everyone for agreeing on the new elite rules. They can be viewed in the spoiler tag below. They will apply to every elite application going forward, enacting some strict requirements. It was a lot of time and group effort, but, I'm glad we got it done. :D

New Elite Rules

Anyways, thanks guys, stay active, and any sexual harassment complaints are likely from me and are to be forwarded to me as time goes on. :)


Bringing Sexy Back

Posted by + Havoc_Wreaker (Elite Member) at Sep 13 2016, 03:46 PM. 35 comments

DBZF Newsletter

What is up my fellow DBZF’ers? For some of you newer members or some of you older members that forgot (Sam), we used to have a DBZF newsletter. It was basically a recap of what was happening on DBZF over a selected period of time. Ya know, to update y’all, add some humor and have a blast. Well yours truly is reviving it, I’ve had a knack for doing some DBZF events and stuff, gfx, hosting tournaments (Yugioh and Pokemon), boasting myself up etc… Well now I'll also be doing the DBZF newsletter it will be a monthly thing (hopefully) and I’ll be doing it till I get bored or more likely till Tim shuts me down (Rude -Tim). And some of you may be wondering how I got the job seeing as I can't type to save my life on DBZF. I spell like I’m 5 and don't put any work in my posts, well I just said i was doing it and Tim had no problem with free labour it.

So what happened in part of August/September. Well the biggest thing was that the member Darker told us his real name, shocker I know. You may be wondering what it is, well It's, find out next time on DBZ DBZF newsletter. Only joking it's Hannibal. Okay I lied that might not have been the most interesting thing but It's pretty damn cool. We also had two lovely ladies return to the forum after some absence (yes just lovely lady's not trying to say something else here). Forum was graced by the presence of Pookie and Strawberry. They stayed for a bit said hey and disappeared back into the darkness. Another interesting thing that's been going on is the rise of forum clubs. It's been awhile since they have had much activity but thanks to Sam's hard work for advocating post count being enabled in that section and Tim passing it, activity has spiked in that area. The two big clubs right now are Bex’s new club ~ Я :: Team Rocket Headquarters :: R ~. Its a Pokemon themed club, so If you're a fan go join. And the other club being the best club on the forum (no bias of course) Capsule Corp. It's been a club for a very long time now, and anybody is welcome to join, its just a nice place to chat and unwind. You know what else is making a comeback? The battle zone section.If you're a fan of RP’ing, well you're in luck that section is alive and well so check that out as well. Also a big shout out to Daniel (a member from Capsule Corp). He has been a member for a long time, just wanted to give you a shout and thank you for all the giveaways you do. If some of you guys are not aware Daniel gives away prizes from time to time, so pay attention if you wanna win.

Now onto the hard stuff (not drugs kids, remember hugs not drugs). We had a big staff overhaul, some major changes were made. Although Tim went over it in his post I’ll do a bit of the same here. Emmeth, one of the greatest DBZF members of all time was made into a legend. If you dont know Emmeth, he's a very nice guy who was mod for awhile on the forum, much love and respect, congrats. We had Crashbreaka retire. Crash also a very, very nice fellow was a mod for a long time, props for all the hard work and enjoy retirement. We have Graffiti stepping up and becoming apart of the gfx team. And I must say is a hell of a lot better gfx’er then I am. We have EMIYA who is now a super mod. Bad a*** man, bad a*** debater and a bad a*** position. Dude was a forum mod, a gfx mod and now transcends into a super mod, good luck man. Sam is now a team leader, which is a made up position because he's “special”. Only joking, it's a new position in recognition of all his hard work over the years, all mods are below him in rank just fyi. We also have Tinny becoming a forum mod, he's a new member but has raised in the ranks quickly, so watch out debaters. Now with only really two members on the admin team, DBZF has a new sheriff in town. Remember when I mentioned Capsule Corp earlier, well Copy_Ninja started from the bottom and now is here. He was a member of Capsule Corp, ditched us to be a super mod (only joking…. Sort of). And now has become an admin, congrats buddy.

To end it all off, we had a Pokemon tourney which I held earlier, in August (like I said boast myself up) and our winner was Mihawk so good job on that (also apart of Capsule Corp). Also for those of you aren't aware you guys should check out DBZF's discord it's jam packed with great members like rudolph (Evan aka Gattsu), Son Goten and others. It's a fun place to relax, chill and chat. More newsletters will be coming your way as well as tournaments Pokemon and/or Yugioh whatever you guys want.

At the end of each letter, I’ll also add a short q&a from random members.This month its Goddess Ultimecia.

Spoiler: click to toggle

That's all this month, see you in the next one.

Staff Overhaul

Posted by Tim (Prince) at Sep 7 2016, 08:09 AM. 39 comments

Hi all,

Fair warning, this is a bit of a big one!
We have been having flurries of discussion and debate and there are a few changes to roles around the forum.

So let's work our way through them, shall we?

New Legend
Congratulations to Emmeth! As of this stage, we would like to thank you for your constant support and enthusiasm for the forum and would like to reward you with a shiny new Legend user group (or at least the permission mask haha). This has now been applied and is one of the hardest groups to both join and leave ;)

Retiring Staff
Crashbreaka has long been a Super Moderator around the forum and has done an excellent job. However, at this stage he is retiring and is, now going away to the farm going to be able to enjoy his time on here without being pestered by me. Please join me in thanking him for his marvelous work!

New Graphics Team Member
Onto some happier news due to his diligent and helpful work in the Graphics section Graffiti will now be taking on the role of GFX Member making him much easier to spot around the place, and once again depriving Green of his ideal user group (inside joke, just laugh and pretend you get it :w00t: ).

New Forum Moderator
Moving onto the member with one of my favourite anime featured in his avatar/sig combo Tinny will now be joining our fantastic Forum Mod team and help ensure that our Dragonball sections remain clear of those annoying Adidas ads. I'm sure he shall be a shining contribution to our staff team .

New Super Moderator
Everything really is happening, isn't it? To help cover the opening in our Super Mod team I'm excited to promote EMIYA into the role. Despite a status called "The Trolling Moderator" he has been a well-known member of the forum for a long time now and provided staff support across a few areas, and is an excellent addition to the team.

New Team Leader
This isn't really a new role, as Sam has been the Super Mod Team Leader for a while, I have decided to expand this role to cover all staff. This a slightly more senior role than Super Moderator and helps acknowledge the massive amounts of effects Sam has given to the forum over the past decade. I cannot adequately express the passion and care he has given to everyone here, so please join me in congratulating him on his custom group and promotion.

New Administrator
Wow, now things are getting really serious. As some of you have noticed our Administration presence publicly on the forums has diminished over the last while, as we focussed on maintaining the background work to keep the forum running. Thus, this has lead to the decision to promote someone to help maintain an active balance across the forum, while providing a mature, capable, and humorous approach to the position. After a long serious discussion over this (me myself, and I), there was only one logical conclusion I could arrive at:
Congratulations Yoeri Copy_Ninja and welcome to the big kids table. I look forward to working with you going forward.

Copy will be focussing on the community and supporting users as needed, while I will shoulder staffing and technical issues. Cersei will continue with technical problems as required. These are only rough guidelines so please feel free to message either Copy or myself for anything.

Now we have that all out of the way if any of the users mentioned above have any problems please PM me and we'll get that fixed.

All the best to everyone going forward and thank you to all the members who support us all and help make this forum the fun time it often is :)

DBZF Administration


Posted by Daniel (Los Angeleno) at Aug 26 2016, 04:49 PM. 19 comments

Hi guys, I've decided to do another giveaway for the forum :) However this time, it's open to all members of the forum (well mostly) instead of just veterans like last time. The only thing I ask is you have more than 50 posts and have been here for longer than a month. PM me with just your username saying you'd like to sign up and I'll add you to the pot. It'll be a random draw and the winner gets a $100 Amazon gift card, or something else of equal value if Amazon doesn't work for you :) I'll be locking this thread next Friday, and announcing the winner on the Monday. It'll be a random draw, so it's as fair as can be.

~ Daniel

RP Tournament Sign Ups! Please check it out!

Posted by Sam (Team Leader) at Aug 20 2016, 05:56 PM. 8 comments

Tinny asked me to make an announcement of this and I think the growing popularity of the RP section is a positive addition to the forums.

The sign ups for the RP Tournament can be found here.

If anyone involved wishes to add some information in this topic, feel free.

Who knows, maybe even an incredible dumbass like me can figure out how to RP and not screw it up ;)

Sam, aka your secret lover

Upcoming ZB Upgrade

Posted by Tim (Prince) at Aug 18 2016, 06:56 AM. 0 comments

Hi all,

The below update has been posted on the ZB Support Board, and so will happen at some point.
Please note therefore that if there is some downtime this will be the reason why :)


We're finalizing the details of an upgrade to all of our servers. In order to make this process a smooth transition we will require a brief downtime for communities on ZetaBoards and zIFBoards (InvisionFree). The server upgrades will be on a rolling basis so not all communities will be affected at the same time. The expected downtime will be as little as seconds for a small community up to approximately an hour or two for extremely large communities. After the upgrade has been completed communities will return to being accessible as usual.

The upgraded servers will provide faster performance as well as allow us to introduce several new benefits which we plan on rolling out in the coming months. We'll keep you posted as the timeline progresses.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Brandon and the Zathyus Team


Few Small Changes

Posted by Tim (Prince) at Aug 10 2016, 07:26 AM. 2 comments

Hi all,

As a result of some suggestions from members we have made a few small changes to the forum.

Firstly, post count has now been enabled in the Other Verses section.

Secondly, the location of Club Houses has been switched with that of Register a Club.


Post Count in Club Houses

Posted by Tim (Prince) at Apr 24 2016, 10:32 PM. 4 comments

Hi all,

On a trial basis, I have reenabled post count in the club houses.
Please note that this means that all posts in that section are required to be within all forums rules and we encourage all spam posts to be reported :)

Any feedback on this, as always in appreciated.

DBZF Administration

Board Statistics

Total Forum Posts: 1,450,548
Total Members: 7,571 (The newest member is shairon)
Nov 27 2016, 03:08 PM, a record 536 users were online.