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If you have difficulties validating your account please email admin@dbzf.co.uk

I agree to the following set of rules set out by dbzf and accept any punishment I receive for breaking them, should I feel that I have been treated unfairly, I will PM a member of staff and have the matter dealt with privately.

Board Rules

1. Show respect to all forum members, your attitude towards others should be civil and polite at all times.
2. No spamming, posting to gain a high post count, double/triple posting (use the edit button), contributing to spam outside of spam areas.
3. No promoting your forum/site through the forum, keep it in your signature and reach 50 posts to post in the advertisement section.
4. Do not attempt to bypass the word filter.
5. All posts should be on topic and in the appropriate area.
6. No referal codes or product promotion.
7. No discussion of illegal activities such as where to get free episodes or manga. Discussion of illigal drugs may also be moderated depending on content.
8. Do not request for a member to be unbanned, they have a right to appeal themselves.
9. No topics or posts concerning staff complaints, the warn system, suspected multiple accounts, or serious promotions are permitted publicly. These should be placed in either the complaints forum or PM'd to an Administrator.
10. Do not post adult content such as pornographic images, with regards to borderline material, moderators will have the final say on its acceptablility.
11. Do not let anyone else use your account, it is your responsibility.
12. All posts must be in English unless you provide an accurate translation along side your post.
13. Do not hotlink images. Use a free host like Photobucket, Imageshack or Tinypic to host it.
14. Avoid posting any contact information in public areas unless you understand the risks but a moderator may contact you to make sure.
15. Do not respond to a topic just to tell a member they have broken a rule, use the report button for this.
16. All forums rules are also enforceable within the #dbzf IRC channel.

Violation of these rules may result in action being taken by the staff of DBZF. This may include a warning, post suspension or a forum ban. Any issues with such action should be taken up with a member of the Administration Team.

Signature Regulations

1. Your total image size for your signature cannot exceed a height of 400 pixels and a width of 500 pixels.
2. While animated images are allowed within this limit please keep them to a maximum size of 1MB.
3. BMP images aren't allowed.
4. Large animations (like .gif files) count towards the image size limit, small ones like forum emoticons do not.
5. If you want to add more images / animations to your signature please use the spoiler tags.
6. The amount of space we provide you with in the signature area is your limitations.
7. You will be notified by a staff member through PM if they are too big. In some cases the signature may be removed or edited for you.


Moderators will have the final say on the acceptablility of a topic or post.
Rules may change at the Administrators discretion.
Your punishment for breaking a rule is directly related to the offense.
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