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Dragon Ball

Regular Forum Dragon Ball Announcements
All updates about Dragon Ball news, promotions, events, etc.
Moderated By: lazerbem, Ketchup Revenge
A new Dragon Ball Spin-off Manga Series ab… May 11 2017, 10:12 PM, By Greenough
Topics: 217 Replies: 12,847
Regular Forum Dragon Ball/Z Discussion
Discussion of the general aspects of the Dragon Ball series and the manga.
Moderated By: lazerbem, Ketchup Revenge
Did the anime exaggerate SSJ2 Gohan's powe… Yesterday, 2:31 AM, By WOGMAN
Topics: 13,732 Replies: 223,464
Subforums: Debate Room, Power Levels
Regular Forum Dragon Ball Super
Discussion about the exciting new Dragon Ball series.
Moderated By: lazerbem, Ketchup Revenge
My Dragon Ball Tier List (Manga) 52 minutes ago, By Solid Snake
Topics: 1,633 Replies: 25,651
Subforums: Latest Manga Chapter Discussion, Latest Anime Episode Discussion
Regular Forum Dragon Ball GT/Movies
Discussion of Dragon Ball GT and the movies
Moderated By: lazerbem, Ketchup Revenge
Super bebi 4 vegeta Yesterday, 12:57 PM, By superperfectnerd
Topics: 2,354 Replies: 40,753
Subforums: Dragon Ball Z Evolution
Regular Forum Dragon Ball Gaming
This is where you can discuss the Dragon Ball games if you needs tips or anything.
Moderated By: lazerbem, Ketchup Revenge
Xenoverse 2 general thread. Yesterday, 1:52 PM, By Greenough
Topics: 1,080 Replies: 13,684
Regular Forum Dragon Ball Versus
Discuss who would prevail over who in a fight!
Moderated By: lazerbem, Ketchup Revenge
Android 17 and 18 fused vs. 14 minutes ago, By Solid Snake
Topics: 13,253 Replies: 167,118
Regular Forum Dragon Ball Fanwork
Post all your creations here, your art, your AMVs or anything else you have created.
Moderated By: lazerbem, Ketchup Revenge
DBM Commentary Thread 20 minutes ago, By Gog
Topics: 1,705 Replies: 17,160
Subforums: DBMU, Dragon Ball Fanfic Zone
Regular Forum Other Versus
For verse topics outside of Dragon Ball. Also allows combinations. No over the top combinations.
Moderated By: lazerbem, Ketchup Revenge
Ratchet & Clank vs Jak & Daxter vs Fox McC… Today, 7:29 AM, By Darker
Topics: 4,035 Replies: 34,272