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Dragonball Versus
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Hot Topic Pinned: The XXX Vs. XXX Thread.
supersaqer 2,481 62,300
Mar 16 2015, 04:39 PM
Last Post By: Orochimaru
Locked Pinned: Versus Topic Rules
Samuel 3 4,470
Jun 22 2013, 03:30 PM
Last Post By: Copy_Ninja
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Samuel 1 2,001
Oct 30 2012, 10:14 PM
Last Post By: Rogue
  Title Topic Starter Replies Views Topic Info
Regular Super Buu(Piccolo Absorbed)vs Kid Buu
Doflamingo 1 41
3 users viewing
15 minutes ago
Last Post By: Mr. Hashbrowns
Regular Imperfect Cell (pre-absorptions) VS Androids Saga Pre-ROSAT SSJ Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks
Angel 9 175
33 minutes ago
Last Post By: The Flash
Regular Oob (Enraged) vs. Golden Freeza (FnF)
Nagito Komaeda 10 322
Today, 4:38 PM
Last Post By: sekzee
Hot Topic
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Kamiccolo, Super Vegeta, Android 20 (absorbed Tien,Krillin,Yamcha,&Chiaotzu) VS Future 17 and 18
Angel 29 581
Today, 2:07 PM
Last Post By: Dark Matter
Regular Buu (everyone abosrbed) vs Vegito
Griffzilla 4 131
Today, 1:12 PM
Last Post By: Government Man
Hot Topic EoZ SS3 Goku vs. Base Vegetto (Buu saga)
SSJ Vegetto 14 409
Today, 5:35 AM
Last Post By: DBZAOTA482
Regular Goku (23rd WMAT) vs Ranfan
Equal Power Levels
Venom 2009 3 119
Today, 1:02 AM
Last Post By: DBZAOTA482
Hot Topic
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Full Power Beerus VS Super Buu (absorbed: see post for the list)
no stone spit, candy beam, or absorbing Beerus
Angel 18 435
Yesterday, 11:09 PM
Last Post By: AvatarReiko
Regular SS Goku android arc healthy vs SS Vegeta android arc
FutureSaiyan 12 286
Yesterday, 10:39 PM
Last Post By: Pyrus
Regular Ranfan VS Blonde Launch
Angel 7 166
Yesterday, 10:22 PM
Last Post By: DSTREET45
Locked Crane Hermit VS 21st WMAT Goku with regrown tail
Angel 3 87
Yesterday, 9:58 PM
Last Post By: Emmeth
Regular 4th Form Freeza vs SSJ Vegetto
AvatarReiko 5 170
Yesterday, 8:53 PM
Last Post By: Super Saiyan 4 Vegito
Hot Topic 25th WMAT Base Goten and Trunks VS Yakon and Pui Pui
Angel 14 184
Yesterday, 8:43 PM
Last Post By: The Flash
Regular Abo and Kado VS Android 17
Angel 0 17
Yesterday, 8:21 PM
Last Post By: Angel
Regular SSJ Future Trunks (Post-1st day ROSAT) VS SemiPerfect&Imperfect Cell,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,Super13
Angel 10 168
Yesterday, 7:21 PM
Last Post By: Roy
Regular Earth's Shenron VS Mercenary Tao
Shenron can't use his own wishing powers
Angel 1 58
Yesterday, 6:53 PM
Last Post By: SuperSaiyan2
Regular Supreme Kai of Time VS Bio-Broly
Angel 0 16
Yesterday, 6:36 PM
Last Post By: Angel