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Duplicate Accounts
Jul 27 2012, 11:07 PM
Rudeness and Casual Posters
Jun 13 2011, 09:41 PM
One Word Posts/Double Posts
Jun 19 2008, 03:50 PM
Requesting a Name Change
May 29 2008, 01:09 PM

Dragonball Versus
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Hot Topic Pinned: The XXX Vs. XXX Thread.
supersaqer 2,270 53,030
Sep 17 2014, 04:55 PM
Last Post By: SuperCell211
Locked Pinned: Versus Topic Rules
Necidad 4 3,993
Jun 4 2014, 12:52 AM
Last Post By: Super Saiyan
Locked Pinned: Rudeness and Casual Posters
Necidad 1 1,633
Oct 30 2012, 10:14 PM
Last Post By: Rogue
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Super Perfect Cell (Kaio-ken) vs. Base Gotenks Pre
SuperSaiyan1993 18 429
1 user viewing
11 minutes ago
Last Post By: lucrowe
Regular Piccolo (cell saga) vs 100% Frieza
Who wins
Ssj3 Vegeta 2 97
Today, 8:35 PM
Last Post By: AvatarReiko
Regular Pilaf machine vs battle jacket
What one would win in a fight
Ssj3 Vegeta 1 51
Today, 6:48 PM
Last Post By: TheDoc
Regular Taopaipai vs Battle Jacket (Adjutant Black)
Emmeth 9 177
Today, 2:21 AM
Last Post By: Super Saiyan
Regular Krillin (23rd Budokai) vs. Tien (22nd Budokai)
AvatarReiko 7 230
Today, 12:04 AM
Last Post By: CamoMC
Regular Super Saiyan Raditz vs Vegeta and Nappa
Reimondo 3 108
Yesterday, 11:46 PM
Last Post By: DSTREET45
Regular SSj Trunks (Arrival) vs 5th-Form Cooler (Movie 5)
StrawHatCrew 10 361
Yesterday, 10:19 PM
Last Post By: SuperCell211
Regular Frieza (Final Form) Vs Piccolo (fused with Kami)
Graffiti 5 116
Yesterday, 10:14 PM
Last Post By: Mr.Zenkai
Regular SSj Vegeta (Android Saga) vs Semi-Perfect Cell (10%)
StrawHatCrew 3 139
Yesterday, 9:06 PM
Last Post By: Urameshi
Regular Monster Zarbon + ? vs Zenkai Vegeta
Super Saiyan 11 227
Yesterday, 7:47 PM
Last Post By: Pyrus
Regular SSj Vegeta(@Zarbon 2nd Fight) Vs Unweighted Piccolo(Frieza Saga)
Who wins This?
SuperCell211 3 66
Yesterday, 5:35 PM
Last Post By: SuperSaiyan1993
Regular Vegeta and Monster Zarbon vs. Recoome
SuperSaiyan1993 1 108
Yesterday, 4:48 PM
Last Post By: Professor Gohan
Regular Tien from PD Saga vs. Piccolo Daimao
Read topic for info.
Ben-Dan The Man 3 104
Yesterday, 3:31 AM
Last Post By: Mike XL
Regular Goku vs. Piccolo Jr (BoZ)
AvatarReiko 6 133
Yesterday, 3:18 AM
Last Post By: Mike XL
Regular SSJ4 Goku (Frieza Saga) vs 7 Cell Jrs
Frieza Saga Goku Super Saiyan 4 SSJ4 Cell Jrs Jr
Venom 2009 3 193
Yesterday, 1:09 AM
Last Post By: DelonDragon666
Regular Surpassed Limits SSj4 Vegeta Vs Omega Shenron
Vegeta Gets Same Boost As SSj4 Goku To Surpassed Limtis SSJ4 Goku
SuperCell211 3 100
Yesterday, 12:47 AM
Last Post By: TheACE
Regular SSj Goku(M3) Vs Second Form Frieza
Who Wins?
SuperCell211 0 49
Sep 28 2014, 09:25 PM
Last Post By: SuperCell211
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