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The Forest Tribe

The Forest Tribe are among the most underestimated tribes due to their fragile surroundings. Despite their control over plants and seeds, or power over certain deadly spells, they're the most vulnerable to attacks from the Volcano Tribe due to their weakness towards fire, and this has lead to plenty of catastrophes.

This tribe prefers stealth above all else, and its members are known to strike their enemies from the shadows, especially since they all blend with the backgrounds. They're among the most peaceful tribes, preferring quiet and letting others approach their territories rather than going after them, and appreciate life by creating more and more plants, enjoying their beauty as the seeds grow and become strong and powerful trees, or human-like beings made of leaves and wood, similar to the Volcano Tribe's cronies, but far less threatening.

First Generation

Being the first, this generation was filled with proud warriors and some are still some of the most powerful Gorm's ever seen. Out of all the generations, this was the one with most surviving members as time passed.


Posted Image

Known for his uncurable venomous spores which blind and sicken any attacker, Florus tends to hide among the prettiest flowers in the forest. At first his fragile appearance allowed his enemies to underestimate him, but thanks to how infamous he's become, everyone fears him, and most tribes seek to find a cure for his toxins, though there's still none. Since his tribe feeds off solar energy, Florus has developed a new powerful attack, a beam of light that can instantly vaporize anything standing right in front of him.

Posted Image

Frusta Letale

Widely considered one of the most dangerous among his tribe when it comes to physical combat, his short stature allows him to move at great speeds while also toss his whips around, blocking attacks and splitting multiple boulders and trees in half with ease. "Great power lives in the smallest of critters" is his motto.

Posted Image

Being able to turn both his hands into whips makes him a deadly opponent, not only since he's just as comfortable and good when taking on somebody either armed or with his bare fists, despite not being one of the strongest Gormiti, but because mercilessly shedding large amounts of blood from his opponents isn't a big deal for him. Peaceful as he may be, and as much as he may enjoy a good fight (being one of the few still participating in gladiator pits) the safety of his tribe comes first above all else, slicing, crushing, or doing something worse to the enemy is of no importance.


While the rest of his kin hide in the depths of the forest, Picchiatore stands on the top, hidden among the leaves and branches from any tree, and strikes from there with a wooden body that is almost as hard as steel gaining an immense amount of momentum. Fitting for what his name means: "Whomping". It's said his blows feel just as bad as a tree being tossed from a mountain peak into you.

Posted Image

His wooden body is comparable to that of a Lord of Nature when it comes to toughness, and he is among the strongest, and by extension most dangerous, warriors in Gorm aswell, especially given the fact that he has trouble holding back his strength to not cause too much damage or too much harm. His main tactic is to crush his enemies with his sheer weight them beat them up with his powerful blows. His strategy remains unknown for most and has earned him the title of champion among his people.

Saggio Distruttore

Perhaps the oldest of his tribe, his name meaning the "Wise Destroyer", Saggio is in fact very peaceful and sweet with the newborn and young ones of his tribe, and acts as their teacher whenever he has time. Whenever his tribe is in danger, especially the defenseless younglings, a transformation happens, his head morphs into crocodile-like jaws and his muscles gets exponentially bulkier. Many underestimate him because of his aged looks, but he's just as strong as any other, and his fury could lead him to an unimaginable rampage, on which he's capable of breaking any other warrior like a twing.

Posted Image Posted Image

His age does weaken him however, and his control over plants is rather weak. For that reason he carries multiple lianas around his body, which are much easier to control and are still able to deliver the strength you'd expect from Saggio, but aside from his strength, it's his wisdom that most applaud and respect. In his transformed state, his jaws can crush the armors from both the Earth and Volcano Tribes, and though he loses control for a short amount of time, he's still sentient enough to tell his comrades to step away from him.


Being the fastest among his tribe, very few are able to see him when running, only a slight shade of green in the wind can tell his presence, and before anyone has the chance to spot him, Mimeticus has already ran circles around his enemies and taken them all down with the amnesia-inducing spores he secretes from his head and his back. Whether the enemy is down or not, the result will be the same, as Mimeticus finishes them off with his par of claws that can slice and smash through boulders.

Posted Image Posted Image

After the Final Evolution event, Mimeticus is now able to create a venomous breath which combusts, almost like a flame, and his speed has gone from being extremely difficult to see to being completely invisible, which compensates his rather weak blows when he's not running. As a final note, Mimeticus has earned even more respect from everyone after temporarily sealing Lavion and Bombos in an alternate dimension.


Similar to Saggio and Frusta, Strapparami uses large vines which is what his arms and legs are made of to crush and pursue opponents across the forest. Just like Saggio, Strapparami is known for his ferocity, only that you don't need to harm anybody to make him mad. His best friend Florus has taught him how to use venom, and is now able to inject it himself with his vines, that can also turn into branches and help him camouflage. He can even morph his face from a more insect-like face to a more tree-looking one, though it's unclear which of the two is the original.

Posted Image Posted Image

Once thing is for sure, he uses the more insect-like face more, as it is far more intimidating and infamous. His favourite activity is to prey upon those filled with fear in the middle of the night, then tear them apart before they even get the chance to scream. But just so that they know who has done this, the last thing he lets them see is his shadow.


Posted Image Posted Image

Second to Gheos when it comes to age, but not when it comes to wisdom, and especially not strength, Tasarau is so fearsome he's yet to find an obstacle in his way. His screams shake the forests and his limbs could tear it apart just as easily. It's said his wisdom is so great that his only eye can see the sad destiny that awaits Gorm.

Posted Image Posted Image

His body has changed over the generations, and his successors still respect and look up to him, centuries after his death. His spirit and power lives on in the territory he onced ruled over, not with an iron fist, but with firm respect and harmony. Any warrior, no matter the benevolent tribe, feels honored when fighting alongside him, and compared to the rest of his tribe, his control over his element and general power is unparalleled.

Second Generation

This generation is not too different from the first, though they were forced to battle for leadership in gladiator pits as that was the norm back then.

Immobile Paziente

Posted Image Posted Image

This Gormiti can stand still camouflaged anywhere for days, weeks, and more, and stealthily strike with the nigh-invisible /transparent vines that compose his arms whenever he gets the chance, and the only way to tell if he's alive or not is the deadly vapor coming out of his back. He has no actual real name, or rather, no one knows who or what he really is, and he can't help on this matter due to his lack of speech. He's always away from his brothers and sisters, on his own, and while willing to take advices from his people, he still prefers to be left alone.

Sentinella Antica

Posted Image

She usually gets praise for his wisdom and age, as she's said to be even older than the Sun. Like her name "the ancient sentinel" indicates, she's always checking for intruders in his tribe's territory, and isn't very happy when he finds some, typically crushing them on the spot as a very lethal green magical smoke comes out of her three heads (which are very helpful for a sentinel) if his powerful arms can't do the job, though they usually can, since she's able to make her victims stop breathing in a matter of seconds.


Posted Image

One of this tribe's most disgusting members, Sferst sees nothing wrong in devouring your opponents whole, and thanks to his acid saliva his enemies don't even get the chance to squirm on his jaws as they slowly melt inside him. If he doesn't manage to knock them unconscious so that he can devour their entire bodies, he can always spit his saliva to slowly melt most of their bodies (his favourite sneak attack method) or slice them apart with his weapons.

His one weakness is having really poor armor compared to the rest of his tribe, and his skin is just as fragile as you'd expect from a plant creature, unlike the others.


Posted Image Posted Image

Being the stuff of nightmares for many, the entire forest fears and respects him. Slightly shorter than most of his tribe, his eyes are hypnotic and his powerful venomous spores which come out of every orifice, mainly his arms, head, eyes and mouth, can cause hallucinations. As he dances around, avoiding attacks from his enemies, his opponents soon start to drool at his magnificent moves... before they see a graceful angel turn into a demon before their eyes. No one has ever survived to tell how deadly his spores are. Once they enter your body, it's all over, and even Sporius himself warns his enemies to stay away from him. He can still win a battle with his hands that are like small battering rams.


Posted Image Posted Image

He has no friends and always lives out of his tribe's territory, wandering on the dry and dead deserts on his own, almost as if he were exhiled, and it wouldn't be too strange if that were the case given his cruelty, since he's very fond of torturing his enemies to get answers from them, still killing them anyway instead of imprisoning them. He's a very fearsome sight up close, even when hunched over he's still considerably taller than most except for the Lords of Nature, and when seen from far away, very few get to see anything else afterwards, since Supplizio usually attacks his enemies from afar by either throwing massive boulders at them or charging at them with his spiky shoulder pads. Given how his name means "torment", none of this is strange at all.


Posted Image

Essentially an armored tank made of wood, Troncannone's head acts like a cannon whenever he drops boulders inside. He cautiously awaits for his enemies hidden among logs and fallen trees and shoots several at once in multiple directions, making it seem like it's raining boulders, and since his head is also some sort of hammerspace, he can drop dozens of boulders in there without having to worry about ammunition.

Just like his brothers and sisters, the element of surprise is his biggest asset, and while ruthless in battle, he's actually very cynical and wise, even a bit humorous with his comrades, being the closest thing to an advisor Barbatus ever had, and this trascended with future Lords of the Forest Tribe aswell.


Posted Image Posted Image

Barbatus is, according to legend, his people's wisdom and power incarnate. The venomous vapor coming out of his body slows down his enemies, and his whip can chase down anyone across the forest. If that wasn't enough the spikes that emerge from his rocky gauntlet-shield on his right arm can tear apart anything that dares enter his tribe without his permission. Being able to see from every point of view and angle on his territory makes him omniscient there, so guarding his people is far from a difficult task for him. Anyone who touches them will recieve no mercy from Barbatus, arguably the most warbound of all the chiefs this tribe's ever had.

Third Generation

This generation had to endure the most in the smallest amount of time. The Light and Darkness tribes arrived, more powerful than all known beforehand, the betrayal of the Sky Tribe and the Final Evolution event changed the Gormiti forever, and while some managed to survive the changes and adapted to their new forms and powers, none of this generation's members (now known as the Firey Forest Tribe) survived to tell their tales in the future, and are hardly even remember nowadays.


Posted Image

Packing heavy armor and two maces in a rather small body, Battiquercia is yet another type of warrior who prefers brawn over brain, but thanks to the fact that his maces are made out of the toughest wood in Gorm, as hard as gold even, his physical strength has gained many enemies and rivals who wish to test him, and Battiquercia welcomes them all, as he is very proud and confident of his strength.

Posted Image

During the Final Evolution event, the Neozon energy gave him a new fearsome appearance plus arms that could morph from his classic maces into cannons at will. Battiquercia was no longer a proud warrior, his heart was filled with rage and hatred, and his control over fire meant he, along with his fellow brothers from this generation, couldn't be allowed to live in the forest anymore.


Posted Image Posted Image

A powerful sorcerer with secret ancient spells only he's knowledgeable about, his control over plant life is also a bit beyond what the other Forest Gormiti are capable of, such as solidifying leaves to turn them into knife-like weapons. For that reason alone, he wears a cape made out of leaves, plus a wooden helmet that has kept his true face a secret for everyone. He uses his cape to guide an attack or enchantment in any direction, though at often times he'll just summon mist and attack from the shadows or from afar. The Neozon rays did not alter his magical abilities in any way, but Magitronco from then on became much more ruthless, spitting venomous fireballs from his eyes or mouth to blind an opponent or melt their faces off. His helmet bursted into flames, and now his original face has merged with the wood and the fire.


Posted Image Posted Image

Legend says his vapors are lethal enough to make his enemies hallucinate and cause unimaginable waves of pain, and this is used against his defenseless hypnotized victims, although some claim this isn't real hypnosis, but a very intimidating and penetrating stare. Still, the pain he creates with his vapors mainly affect the enemy's eyes and limbs, and that's the last thing his victims seek after challenging him, help. Lethal as it may be, some have survived, although the effects kept them in a spasm for several weeks. The Neozon comet only turned his hands into arm cannons and made his limbs grow bulkier.


Posted Image Posted Image

He is among the most ruthless and agressive Forest Gormiti, completely ruthless and bloodthirsty, all due to the many massacres he's witnessed. His bone-crushing whips and horns are just the beginning, just looking him in the eyes could be taken as nothing else but a duel for him... And thanks to his fiery powers, he's now have more creative ways to finish off his enemies. Unfortunately for him, he was far from being a very special warrior, and taking down is not a difficult task, given how he leaves himself almost completely vulnerable when charging to an enemy.


Posted Image

Having two knives for claws is indeed a helpful asset, especially if your preferred method of torture is to cut your opponents down to bits. Ramartiglio lacks power and is very slim, and always relies on his two weapons over everything else, and luckily for him, he's also very quick, but not that durable compared to his fellow Forest Gormiti, and that should just tell you the kind of beings he fights, that even an armor made of golden leaves will be considered somewhat worthless in battle. Ramartiglio's tactics are usually either striking from above or cutting down trees on top of his enemies. Tasarau himself praises his speed, describing it as something that could be confused with the wind whistling when he jumps from tree top to tree top.

Posted Image

The Neozon rays augmented his speed to the point where some say he's as swift as light, and that his running can now be confused not with the wind whistling, but with the wind howling, creating a trail of fire wherever he goes. Every time he swings his blades, he can now set his opponents on fire or launch firey attacks, and his muscles have grown larger, but he has managed to remain more or less the same without losing any of his sanity, but that's probably because he was always quite merciless to begin with. He'll still mock opponents with his superior speed but never aim for petty revenge. If someone does him any wrong, he won't let them escape. They can't anyway.


Posted Image Posted Image

Being one of the most respected and powerful Lords of Nature period, Grandelbero is everything the previous Forest Gormiti are and more, perhaps even reaching the same level as Tasarau, even the nearby plant life will bow to him whenever he walks around, shaking the forest with his footsteps. His elongated whip-arm offers great reach, and once he's pulled his enemies close enough, one simple smash is all that's needed to finish the job. His weapon, acting like a wooden bat, feels no different than being hit a giant club made of gold, probably even worse than that. Unlike Barbatus, Grandalbero is more generous and easy-going towards his people, less agressive though still a force to be reckon with. For others, he was far more appealing and respectable, which is why, even though the third generation is long forgotten, the tribe still misses him. Fortunately the Forest Gormiti can live happily knowing his spirit and power may or may not reside on their tribe's orb. He was one of the few whose personality was not affected by the Neozon comet in any way, and remained as calm and peaceful as ever, despite what his new weapon might've indicated. He tried to keep the troops like himself until his inevitable demise. He was a proud and fierce warrior who gladly served the forces of good until the very end.

4th Generation

This generation's Gormiti debuted in the cartoon and became part of the toyline through it. Chronologically speaking they follow up the Final Evolution event's generation, and the war between the newcomer tribes of Light and Darkness still wages, though they still coexist with the 5th generation, even if they came sometime before them.


Posted Image

This warrior charges against his enemies and leaves no unbroken bones, and thanks to his armor he can break any barricade without feeling a thing. His physical strength even allowed him to escape after being captured by the Volcano Tribe, beating down countless soldiers and returning home without a single scratch or burn. This accomplishment has made him infamous throughout the continent of Gorm, where few do not fear his matchless might.


Posted Image

Being one of the few with a long range weapon such as this one, Faunante's crossbow is able to shoot endless bolts of magic that no one is able to percieve, and Faunante always makes sure he strikes at his opponents' weak and blindspots, from any point and angle, especially since he's able to go up walls without the use of vines, he can walk up trees without trouble.


Posted Image

The tribe's warlock, capable of predicting the future and summon terrifying enchantments, but only after some meditating. He lives hidden in the oldest tree of his territory, and his spells go as far as allowing him to change form, mainly depending on the situation, since his body is already somewhat unstable to begin with, making him the least useful warrior in battle, being more used to serving as a spy, despite his bulk.


Posted Image

Arguably the creepiest of his tribe, there are rumors that say that Mimante has used his powerful octopus-like arms' grip and hypnotic gaze to capture and find love, and while he's never said if the rumors were true, he's never discredited them either. He always keeps servants from opposing tribes to do his job for him, and is generally one of, if not the least respected member of the tribe.


Posted Image

A living arsenal of flaming boulders and sticks, his cannons can shoot in two separate directions, and despite his lackluster projectiles, he is able to match the likes of Lavor and more in a shooting contest, countering every projectile and almost winning. Being a descendant of the one who once protected the Rot Worm (or root maggot), an important part of the spell that could free the Lord of Darkness Obscurio, as it eventually did, it wasn't easy being Querciannone, one of Magmion's primary targets, but he managed to endure every attack directed at him like the powerful warrior he was.

5th Generation

By the time this generation arrived, there were no more Lords of Nature. The only remaining survivors (or at least, active warriors) were Frusta, Mimeticus, Sporius and Troncannone, and while a human kid called Lucas Wanson took on the mantle as the tribe's new Lord of Nature, arguably becoming the most powerful known yet, especially after recieving multiple upgrades and help from Luminor, Lord of Light, new warriors were born, the last few before the war would end.


Posted Image

The oldest of the new warriors, he immobilizes his prey with his glowing eyes and either beats them up with his fists or gets close to constrict their necks with his beard. Even the fierciest of enemies won't stand a chance in close quarters with him.


Posted Image

He doesn't like the company of others and prefers to stay hidden alone in the darkest depths of the forests. If he sees any intruders, he lets out a high pitched roar which paralyzes and deafens them forever, defenseless and ready for his next attack, a rain of acid which comes out of the many bamboos he has on his back, arms and shoulders.


Posted Image

Thanks to the fact that his feet are tree stumps, he can attack with vines from below and trap enemies underground, either letting them suffocate in swamps or in caves, or just trapping them with their faces still popping out of the ground, as he plays a rather morbid version of Whac-a-mole, golf, or just a straight and simple bug smashing game with his enemies' heads.


Posted Image

A deadly combination of an impenetrable armor, agility, sharp horns and poisonous claws filled with acid, patiently waiting near colonized villages within his territory, he strikes so that no one ever gets the chance to escape. Even though he normally works better with others, his own people aren't too fond of his decrepit demonic appearance reminiscent of the Fiery Forest Gormiti.


Posted Image

Among the new young warriors, he's the most merciless, purposefully holding back his strength so that he doesn't kill his enemies almost right away while beating them up with his clubs or his spiked bracelets. Similar to Barbamaglio, he uses his beard to trap opponents, although in Mazzaboscide's case he can also make it longer, so better not make him angry, whether it's friend or foe.


Posted Image

Young as he is, he's already so infamous that he's now considered one of the deadliest members from his tribe, and the easy route would be to call him "Florus Jr", though with extra agility, but with the same type of venom no antidote could eliminate, only that he's wielding rapid-firing weapons that allow the venom to hit multiple targets at once.


Posted Image

First appearing in the 3rd generation to fight alongside Grandalbero, Troncalion was created to protect his tribe's territory and march in battle with the Lords of Nature. Made out of his tribe's orb, Troncalion shares a special bond with his corresponding Lord, and is the most powerful member of his tribe, and just like them, he can camouflage in the forest and shoot deadly torpedoes of wood, which can do anything from producing massive explosions to trapping opponents with vines.
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Jun 12

My Samurai Jack finale

It's been a while since it happened, but it still blows me away that one of my favourite shows of all time managed a comeback and a succesful and pleasing conclusion. Many don't like it, and I can understand why, I would've made some changes or added stuff myself, not just to the ending, but the entire season, and that's what I'll talk about in this entry.

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Jun 2

DSXIII just made me a sig!


Posted Image

Cue the music!

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Jun 1

The Volcano Tribe (IV)

These are merely the left-overs, and stuff I might have not mentioned in previous entries.

The Eye of Life; The Volcano Tribe Orb

The Eye of Life is what the Old Sage used to bring back the people of Gorm, an orb formed from his very tears. There are multiple orbs like this one, made for each tribe, and that includes the Volcano Tribe, and are protected by the Lords of Nature themselves. The orbs were later used to bring back the long lost Lords of Nature, reincarnated from the bodies of four kids (later on, the orbs were no longer needed for this). The orbs appear to be the source of energy of each Lord, and can be corrupted with dark magic, causing catastrophic events across continents while manipulating the elemental powers within the orbs, which is something Magor, Lord of Evil, did when he joined forces with Magmion.

Posted Image

The orbs aren't entirely needed for this, however. Conflicts that start in Gorm may accidentally cause catastrophes on Earth, as the two dimensions are linked (This is called "rift activity").

The Tribe's territory and Mount Vulcano

Posted Image

This is where the Volcano Tribe emerged from, Mount Vulcano, a vulcano that erupted during a long forgotten era of peace before the Gormiti were born. That eruption caused a large portion of the continent to turn into nothing but lava and solidified magma, and created the Volcano Tribe, the deadliest and most numerous. Mount Vulcano is filled with tunnels like a labyrinth, passing through multiple catacombs and torture or trophy rooms, with some hidden entrances and backdoors that only a few are knowledgeable of.

The Volcano Tribe's territory is filled with rivers of lava, geysers, smaller volcanoes or entire lakes of lava, all spreading deadly gases only the toughest Gormiti can resist. Since Magmion's forces are constantly checking their perimeters, most of the territory is a giant deathtrap.


Each tribe has an Ancient Guardian, for what purpose, it's very unclear at times, though they mostly seem to protect their own territories from outside threats or attacks from other tribes (or specific places like Mount Vulcano). They were inactive for a very long time due to the deaths of each Lord of Nature (since they are the only ones that have a connection with them), though when they returned, the guardians reappeared, with the exception of the one who had been present for every war, the Volcano Tribe's Ancient Guardian: Drakkon.

Posted Image

Sharing a special bond with each Lord of the Volcano, Drakkon shares his sight and mind with every single one of them, mainly Magmion who has ridden him the most. Being the fastest and strongest among the Volcano Tribe excluding the Lords, Drakkon is a fierce asset in battle, and thanks to his bond with the Lords of the Volcano, orders are given to him telepathically. Even then, Drakkon is a very intelligent dragon, ruthless most of all, as was seen when he tried to toss the Sea Tribe's Ancient Guardian Tentaclion into several spiky rocks.

Posted Image

A prophecy says that Drakkon is part of the Sovereign of Darkness, an evil creature of legend turned stone many millennia ago, and this prophecy is indeed true.

Posted Image

When Magmion travelled to a remote island, and ordered Drakkon to enter the insides of the gigantic statue, the Sovereign of Darkness was reborn.

Posted Image

The statue could be found in a reef surrounded by mist somewhere far into the oceans of Gorm, and only ancient benevolent magic from the Sea Tribe was able to stop it, though keep in mind, the Sovereign of Darkness doesn't have the same weakness as the Volcano Tribe members, it can swim to the darkest depths of the sea (literally 20,000 leagues or more under the surface) and never worry about coming back out for air. Similar to Magmion, its presence is also bound by dark magic, as one of Sovereign's roars caused the population of a city on Earth to turn to stone and an earthquake stopped before it could reach its feet.

This fusion drastically boosted Drakkon's powers, making him far stronger than any Lord of Nature, including Magmion, and perhaps all four Volcano Tribe leaders combined, but he was still loyal to Magmion and obeyed his every order. The Lords' attacks bounced off his armor like rain against a mountain, and despite getting a bigger body, Drakkon also got bigger wings for his new body, making him just as fast if not faster than before.

Here are a couple of other Gormiti who later joined in with the rest, born a few generations later than the others. The first four were usually seen with Armageddon or Magmion, while the rest followed Magmion, Lavion or Orrore.


Frightening as death itself, according to some. His low intellect and slow nature doesn't make him any less scarier than the rest, especially since those who say this are referring to the horrific grin-like expression on his skull. Don't confuse the rest of his body with a mere skeleton, however. It's nothing but pure muscle, and Moloch is as strong as an army of a hundred from the tribe's lava cronies. The spikes on his arms can be shot like bullets and his back is covered by spikes aswell, mostly for defense since Moloch is like a living tank, one that prefers rushing into a wall to break it rather than shooting it.

Posted Image

Urlo Cieco

Known as the "blind screamer", his shout is his deadliest weapon from up close, and depending on how high or low he screams, it can echo from one edge of Gorm to the other. He does this by grabbing his eyes and placing them on his palms (think Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth), producing either his deadly shout or an electrical attack that sticks to the ground and electrocutes whatever it finds on its path. While putting his eyes on his palms gives him a better sight, it also makes his eyeballs and eye sockets vulnerable.

Posted Image


In essence, no different from Aracno. He's got the webbing, the acid, although in his case, he can shoot his webbing and acid much faster than Aracno, though he can't crawl up surfaces or stick to them like a spider. He can however, spit fire from his jaws and arm cannons as if they were flamethrowers, and also solidify the fire and turn them into deadly claws. Yet another difference from Aracno is Xiron's lack of skill and intelligence, being quite inferior to him.

Posted Image


The same way Xiron is a Aracno wannabe, Ciclops is very much Sparafuoco, but with inferior firepower and less reliance on his hypnotic powers, only using them on opponents who match or surpass him physically. His claws can grow about three times their length and trap or stab opponents, and he prefers to strike enemies from their backs or when their guards are down, usually hiding in lava craters until an enemy gets near. When submerged in lava, Ciclops also uses his eye as a periscope to look at his surroundings. Despite this, he's no different than the last three when it comes to less than stellar intellect, though unlike the other bulkheads among his tribe, he's a lot more tolerable, as he was seen working with Lavor of all people once.

Posted Image


Those who survive his assaults claim that he always shows up from the sky and strikes like a giant hammer at unimaginable speeds in the form of a fiery vortex, which is not only dangerous due to the immense heat, but also because of his claws, which he uses to create said vortex, by spinning around. Once the shockwave from striking the ground has stunned any nearby, if not all, opponents, that's his method of taking care of them. Approaching him after this could be a bad idea given that his upper body and everything around the mask he wears seems to be covered by a strange fiery mist of electricity, which serves as both hair and blades. Not much is known of Fiammartiglio, but given his tactics it's easy to assume he's as nonchalantly ruthless as the vast majority of his brothers.

Posted Image

Uncino Lavico

Despite his insect-like appearance, his people call him the "Hook Lizard", due to the agility and speed he has despite his size, the spiky armor that covers his back, and because of the hooks at the end of his arms that are used to either tear a Gormiti's skin off or inject lava inside a Gormiti's body, melting the victim from within, or, as he prefers, solidifying the lava while enjoying the show by watching as the Gormiti slowly stops from the agonizing pain until its insides turn rock hard. The adjectives always used to describe him are implacable, relentless and remorseless.

Posted Image


Similar to Moloch in appearance (although Marton came before him), Marton is a faithful server of Orrore's, and one of the strangest members of the entire tribe, one that doesn't enjoy fighting much despite the bulky build and the mostly spiky body, not to mention his horrifying skull-shaped face, that lacks eyes yet is still able to see. Despite being among the physically strongest of his tribe, Marton prefers to inject fear into the minds of his enemies from afar, seemingly through his eyeless sockets, though that could be an exaggeration on the matter of how terrifying he looks to other warriors. What they might fear most about him, is the ability to steal souls, apparently seizing them, and most likely collecting them. The reason and purpose of this is unknown (perhaps Magmion's doing), but the power to steal souls during war is still quite something. His personality has been described, just like most, as ruthless and pityless, but also very cynical and fearless.

Posted Image

Furia Lavica

Intelligence is not his strong point, but malice and tenacity certainly are. Furia always leaves his victims marks and burns to remind others who he is, and how facing him is a bad idea. His compact and near indestructible condensed armor makes him extremely tough but also really slow, unable to sprint or even walk fast. His main tactic is to walk through his opponents' attacks until they get close enough for Furia to grab them and crush them with his huge muscles or his sharp teeth. His stubborness will allow him to take any attack without feeling any pain.

Posted Image


Seven mouths, each filled with a deadly toxin, which can either be spit out from long distances or injected with a bite that would most likely break an arm. The six snakes that serve as limbs for him are very quick and agile, moreso than Magmaserp himself, and though he's still fast, his arms can always get longer and attack from afar. The connection between the snakes and their Gormiti owner is the same you'd expect from a snake charmer, except in the case of this snake charmer, he enjoys feeding other Gormiti to his snakes. Whether they're paralyzed, beaten up to death, crushed into a puddle, or filled with the snake's own venom, they'll devour their victims. Similar to a snake, Magmaserp tends to roam around on his own in the more deserted parts of his tribe's territory, waiting for his next meal, usually hidden in the parts where large rock structures tend to be.

Posted Image

Bulk Armor

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Thanks to the glowing sword magically connected to the gear, each swipe, once contact has been made, doesn't cut off a creature's limb, but replace it with a piece of the armor, leaving the creature helpless and weakened, while the one wielding the armor has now obtained a new powerful and improved weapon. Maglio once used it to swap body parts with Lavion (taking away his claw), some chunks from the Lords of Nature, and Magmion (taking away his tail). Maglio however only did this when their guards were down, and Magmion was able to deflect the sword and counter attack its magic once Maglio had lost most of his powers once the current Lords of Nature returned to human form.

Once the switch has been made, the pieces of armor are indestructible and impossible to remove, unless of course, you remove the limb itself, and regeneration isn't an option as the pieces of armor are magically sealed onto the victim's body. The Bulk Armor is an artifact hidden somewhere deep into the Volcano Tribe's territory. Few know about it, and even fewer dare use it against Magmion. As shown when Maglio took it, Lavion's claw plus abilities from three Lords of Nature was all Maglio needed to taste victory against his old master, and even then, it wasn't an uneven fight.

The armor is composed of a helmet, two shoulder pads, two gloves and a placard (which only covers half the Gormiti's torso on the front), and the armor's pieces may not necessarily be switched at times. When Maglio stole the Lord of the Sky Tribe's wings, they were added onto the armor's backplate.

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Seemingly the cause of Mount Vulcano's eruption and the Volcano Tribe's rise to power, Magor has been existing as a spirit of malevolence since the beginning of time, but only started to act and attack after he watched with disgust as the inhabitants of Gorm enjoyed peace. Magor decided to eliminate this problem by replacing it with endless war and carnage.

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Described as evil personified, Magor is a powerful sorceress with near boundless magic compared to all other Gormiti or creature aside from the Old Sage. Magmion and Lavion were quickly convinced of him being their father, but his power soon faded into nothingness when Gorm's population was first slaughtered, leaving no more souls to feed upon. Magmion was able to return stronger than ever, but Magor only managed to return when Obscurio, Lord of Darkness, and Magmion used the Volcano Tribe Orb to resurrect its maker. It had been so long Magmion had even forgotten about Magor, but now he was back, and unlike Magmion or Obscurio who may have hidden themselves from further conflict, Magor still exists to haunt everything that lives, for he literally is evil shaped from fire, and plans to merge Earth and Gorm one day.
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May 4

The Volcano Tribe (III)


The last Volcano Tribe to appear before their sudden defeat at the hands of the Lords of Nature from Earth. This one followed the previous tribe's steps as their successors and later joined Magmion's forces before they were all exterminated during the wars, with the exception of their leader Armageddon. In the end, none of them survived as two more powerful tribes rose to power, the Light and Darkness Tribes, the latter eventually bringing the Volcano Tribe towards the extinction, with Magmion being the sole survivor, but he fell aswell. The sudden appearance of the dark sorcerer and evil spirit Magor was also responsible for this, as he claimed he was the creator of the Volcano Tribe and Magmion and Lavion's father and master.

Despite that, this tribe is by no means inferior to their predecessors, and they were able to keep up with more powerful tribes, and even if they lost in the end, they were affected by natural forces which gave them some control over metals.


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Living heavy artillery, that's what mostly defines him and his lava cannon capable of shooting lava bullets like a machine gun, but he also has a hammer which allows him to equal his strength with Maglio's, and despite being born blind, his psychic powers allow him to detect any enemy in the battlefield. These powers proceed from the crown, or horns, on his head, his one weakspot, one he foolishly uses a lot to ram and stab his opponents as they're otherwise good weapons. During the metallic evolution his tribe went through, he lost the hammer attached to his arm in battle and replaced it with a metal hand and forged a shield for extra protection.

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Similar to a few others on his tribe, Sentinel is just a pile of liquid and viscuous lava that can attach itself to any surface and watch over people with the many eyes across his body. His main role is that of guardian, and so he prefers to protect his tribe's territory during the day and night over joining his brethren in combat, and when he does, he's never in the forefront. The one special power Sentinel has is being able to let others see what he sees, which can help him against a friend or foe, as none in Gorm can see as well as him, for he can not only see from afar, but also sense the electromagnetic fields on his victims from that same distance. While slow in movement and very sluggish, Sentinel compensates with his sharp claws and the sharp spikes on his knuckles.


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Also known for being a sad reaper, Brags keeps his troops and allies in line by stopping unecessary conflicts from within whenever those happen. But don't think of him as a selfless or altruistic creature, far from it he merely wants to obtain victory over Gorm, no matter what. He's cruel and rotten to the core, and he's one of the last few gormiti found in a gladiator pit, but he does care for his allies even if it's only for his own sake and goals. Brags' most deadly aspect is the spike on his arm, being able to cut through rock formations and discharge energy attacks through the ground that can wipe out hundreds in the battlefield. Brags has one major flaw and that is the fact that he lets some of his victims escape as long as they know and carry their defeat for the rest of their lives.

He goes for the youngest opponents, observes their fighting styles and fakes being weaker once he faces them, only to fill them with fear and anger once they realize who Brags is. Weaker victims disgust him and he seeks their deaths even in the middle of the night, nonchalantly murdering them, with the hope that they scream loud enough to let the presence of Brags known.


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Many make fun of his short stature and big head, without realizing his thick skull is used to ram dozens of enemies at once, and that out of all the musclebound lava gormiti, he may be the shortest, but also the fastest, and while he may be among the physically weakest of the more brutish Gormiti, his thick and large head contains a massive brain, able to create electric shocks and send them to any part of Navus' body, typically the spikes on the sides of his arms, combining electrocution with evisceration. One way or another, his victims are bound to die. He is a very cynic brute, one who optimizes his strategies in battle, showing off a great combination in most aspects. A favourite attack of his is to surround his body with electricity and charge against his opponents, electrifying them. He can also spin around and turn into an electric tornado, with the same effectiveness as the real thing if such a cyclone could exist.


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The stealthiest of his tribe, not too different from Aracno or Insecticus, he likes to sneak attack his victims, waiting for them while hidden in the ground, the sand, or anywhere near hot beaches, where he can first strike with his tail, then sting any unlucky victim, filling them with either real venom or lava, or he can just surround his stinger on fire and shoot fireballs from it while remaining hidden. If they discover his location, he'll use a judo/wrestling-like fighting style to trap and crush them with his pincers, melting them with his lava spit in case said unlucky victim survives. After the metallic evolution, he gained the ability to rotate his arms and use his pincers like drills. Unlike Aracno or Insecticus, Skorpios won't waste his time with pointless banter and will go straight for the kill.


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While perhaps not as skilled, he's thought to be just as powerful if not more than Orrore, perhaps on par with Lavion or Magmion as the latter trusted him as a second in command for a good while during the great war. He rose to power when Orrore and his men weren't around, and eventually he convinced Magmion to let him and his men join his army. Similar to the previous three tribe lords, Armageddon shares some similarities with each, being very overreliant on magical items to boost his power like Orrore, overconfident like Lavion, or somewhat cunning although in no way a match for Magmion. In what he differentiates himself from the others, is being a bootlicker, as he soon became Obscurio's lackey once he lost his tribe and was just as comfortable being another pawn for Magmion.

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During his reign as the Lord of Metals, he's shown to have some expertise with weapons such as lances and maces, and he himself has an arm cannon similar to Orrore's, although instead of jets of fire of magma, Armageddon shoots a literal volcanic eruption out of his cannon, for he is also known as the master of combustion. It needs to be said that his evolution into the Lord of Metals was a cause of him not confronting his death like a warrior, since he feared the supposedly lethal neozon rays which helped him evolve while he hid himself in the depth of Mount Vulcano, where he was later imprisoned by allies he trusted, the Darkness Tribe.

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Armageddon may seem like a joke to some, but he is far from that. He follows simple ideals and is very ruthless, sometimes leaving his men for dead in the battlefield no matter how loyal they were to him. Funnily enough, Armageddon has a hard time communicating with his troops as it's sometimes hard to understand his big mouth. This has become a running joke but it soon stops the moment Armageddon's anger make the area crumble, for he is seen as the most realistic picture of Gorm's end. He is the only lord among his peers who eats other things besides lava, that being living Gormiti, and thanks to his large mouth he can swallow the younger ones very easily, enjoying the sound of their bones cracking all while absorbing whatever magic prowess they may possess, and he does this with any victim of his that isn't a Lord of Nature.

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May 4

The Volcano Tribe (II)


As the years passed, the war between the Gormiti tribes slowed down by a noticeable margin. No longer were there landscapes filled with corpses, their replacements were gladiator pits where Gormiti competed for superiority over others, and that's how they chose their leaders. Might made right. Most of the previous tribes were gone, with the exception of the first Volcano Tribe that still remained strong, but asleep within Mount Vulcano, the same volcano they'd all emerged from. A new tribe of magma and lava Gormiti was born, and soon enough, they joined Magmion's army.


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This warrior is a problem even for his own brethren. He is a literal watch bomb in the form of a walking geyser ready to burst at any time, especially if they make him mad, and unfortunately for any of his victims and fellow lava men, he is easily irritated. Just for this, all Gormiti, including his own masters, consider him a nightmare. Some of his most sadistic brothers appreciate the hot steam he creates, especially since it leaves a nice smell of freshly burned bodies wherever he walks through. He himself is a very arrogant warrior, one who is proud to be part of his tribe, which he considers to be superior to every single other tribe, and is very loyal to his superiors, that being the only reason why he hasn't been kicked out yet.

Geyser's main method of recharging is lava, like the others, but his power drains much faster as he disperses more energy than the rest in a very short period of time.

Misterioso Cavaliere

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The most untrustworthy member of his tribe. He keeps his own secrets to himself, and he has never revealed his true identity to anyone. Being among the most skilled of his tribe, his leaders don't mind him, he has excellent aim and reflexes, which he uses to incinerate everyone with his favourite attack, summoning fireballs from his hands. No one cares if he doesn't have a face, or if he's actually part of the tribe or an outsider who became part of the Volcano Tribe through a curse like rumors say. He's a valuable asset, even if he almost never says a word.


Nicknamed the "Fiery Nightmare", Incubo is one of the most faithful tribe members, and always follows his leader Orrore wherever he goes as his right hand man. His nickname alone is enough to describe him. Of the new tribe, he is the swiftest and fastest, as he can change from a physical body to being purely made out of near inextinguishable fire. He has excellent control over heat and with enough precision, he can compress the air in an area and turn it flammable, which is of great help as it both powers up his tribe and burns everything in the area they'd be fighting in. On his own, he's a decent strategist and fighter capable of holding his own against someone his equal thanks to his ability to morph from his physical form to a fiery one.

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Incandescente Fantasma

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Similar to Cavaliere, he has no identity, for he isn't even an actual Gormiti, but the spirit of one who can only take shape when he merges with lava. Being one of the few who can say is truly immortal, Fantasma is nearly indestructible when near a river of lava. Outside of that, he can only follow his tribe as a bodyless spirit, and is more or less useless there. Fortunately his allies can summon enough lava, but not the required amount to keep the limitless stamina he'd normally have near the Volcano Tribe's territory. While toss lava around or shoot lava bullets from any part of his body and shapeshift into any form and control the density of the magma, making his body harder than stone or softer than mud, meaning his lava-like body is very elastic, but also very fragile.

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Cruel, angry and pitiless, these are the adjectives that everyone uses to describe the one who has been nicknamed "The Throatscutter". He is an assassin, and he will follow any order without question, so long as it sedates his thirst for blood. He likes to instill fear into his victims before killing them, making his blades clash against one another, louder and louder as he chases them down until there's no more fun in that and Lamacciaio decides to slice his opponent's visible and weak neck, which is a testament to his fighting skill, always going for any possible weak spots.


Known for his immense "Firepower", which is also a nickname used for him, Bombos is the the most durable of his peers, and he has shown in the faraway future where he's the only survivor besides his master of this specific tribe. His love for fire is always showing, and he enjoys burning down forests with his three mouths, being able to disperse far more destruction than any other lava gormiti in one second, similar to Lavor, though he can shoot not just lava, but large boulders made of solidified lava containing liquid magma that can explode into a rain of fire upon impact.

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The two mouths on his chest have a life of their own, and usually argue with him in mid battle until they agree on a tactic, which they almost never do, when a tactic happens to appear that is, since Bombos is somewhat dim-witted, and is easily manipulated. He's been used as Lavion's pawn for quite some time after they were momentarily trapped in another dimension together, so he's quite fond of working for Lavion, though he's faithful to every single one of his leaders.

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Orrore Profondo

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While below Lavion in terms of strength and Magmion in terms of intelligence, Orrore is the next biggest threat behind those two, and is very lethal in his own right, very manipulative although very overreliant on others, being the one who's taken a liking of using sacred items to boost his power the most and the only one who has managed to corrupt a Lord of Nature without the need of magic, but by playing off the inner powerhungry thoughts of said Lord of Nature, Elios, Lord of the Sky, which lead to the Sky Tribe becoming their allies for quite some time. He has just as much firepower as the other Lords of the Volcano, but he's able to close his arm lava cannon's opening to turn it into a helpful battering ram whenever he wishes to beat up a poor Gormiti's face to mush instead of burning them to cinders.

When people talk about him, they compare them to the worst nightmare they've had, and say Orrore makes that nightmare seem like the sweetest dream imaginable, and that's exactly where people say he was born, from the same dark magma pit Magmion and the original tribe arrived from in Mount Vulcano, but much later, and born out of the reincarnated nightmares and fears from other Gormiti towards the Volcano Tribe.

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Orrore was chosen as the leader of his tribe through gladiator pits, deemed his people's champion and therefore worthy of leading them. He holds one advantage over his fellow lava masters, and that is the fact that he's capable of flight, matching the speed of anyone among the Sky Tribe as a rain of fire falls off his wings any time he flies across the battlefield, similar to Angelo Infuocato, but he can also strike from above and slice through hordes of opponents with the spikes on his right arm. Simply staring at him valiantly may also make him choose the tactic of spitting lava out of his lifeless skull-like eyes from which smoke always comes out while in the middle of battle.

Personality-wise, Orrore is more secretive than Magmion or Lavion, not quite as arrogant as the latter but on the same plane of cunning as the former, and he plans to overthrow both one day, especially Lavion who ridiculed him once.

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May 2

The Volcano Tribe (I)


The Volcano tribe was the most powerful tribe in Gorm, a small continent in a dimension tied to Earth inhabited by the Gormiti, civilized man-like creatures not too different from humans as they were centuries ago. They all lived in peace until the continent's volcano erupted, from which the Volcano Tribe emerged, and left the entire continent to burn in ashes.

After the other tribes were resurrected by the powers of sea, earth, forest and sky through the Eye of Life into warrior-like colossi with their leaders being turned into The Lords of Nature thanks to the Old Sage and tried to face the Volcano tribe seeking revenge, the lord of the Volcano and chief of both tribes, Magmion, put a curse on them so that they would wage on an endless war, which is one of the two things which thrilled the Volcano Tribe, the other being destruction.

Special Abilities: Superhuman strength and speed, rapid healing factor, skin resistant to magma and lava (since they're born and made out of lava) and also incredibly cold temperatures capable of instantly freezing water, some control over the earth and full control over heat of all kinds, plus dark magic such as spells or corruption over people or objects, matter manipulation (to a small extent, such as being able to summon weapons or other utensils), teleportation and portal creation, can summon armies of averagely smart cronies (called Lobbers) out of rivers of lava or magma. Their power also increases the closer they are to a volcano, magma or lava, and can recharge their weakened bodies there when necessary.


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Physical Attributes: Very tall (somewhere between 20 to 30 ft tall), their skin is made out of lava and they're naturally hot(since what flows through their veins isn't blood, but lava), their mere presence may burn nearby plants or rocks. Aside from the materials they're made of, they also feed on other gormiti's souls, most likely devouring these through cannibalism.

Weaknesses: They are not very fond of water, to say the least. Magmion's heel/hock is his weakspot, he tries to cover it at all times during battle but if he is distracted and attacked there with extreme force, he's completely crippled for the next few hours.

Lava Clan


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Sometimes being described as a living battleship, Lavor is known for having no weakspots, as there's no way to attack him from any side due to his immense firepower, he can shoot out fiery and roating jets or lava darts from the craters in his eyes, neck, shoulders, head, arms, and more, plus protect himself with his natural knight-like armor or his right arm which is also a shield.

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His cunning has occasionally lead him to take leadership over his tribe, and while he shows more loyalty towards Magmion than his true lord Lavion, Lavor's shown signs and thoughts of overthrowing both in the past, which he shows by abusing his minions, lying at them and forcing them to believe his lies, to the point where he takes someone calling them his friends as an insult.

The only chance of salvation is that Lavor doesn't direct his fury at you.


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Nicknamed the "Explosive Geyser" and also known for his impressive firepower, his name essentially means "he who spits fire everywhere", projectiles so bright, they can be confused with the sunrise if seen during battle from afar. Despite him having projectiles powerful enough to blend any material, he doesn't have the best aim against a moving target and he himself is quite slow, not to mention his liquid body makes him one of the physically weakest on the entire tribe, since he spends most of the time recharging his power in rivers of lava.

For what he lacks in speed, he compensates with impressive range, being able to shoot people so far they cannot be seen, and unpredictability, particularly thanks to his one magic eye which allows him to hypnotize his victims before destroying them or using them to do his dirty work.

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Sparafuoco has been seen goofing around in the past, in one instance even ordering one of his hypnotized victims a sandwich, before realizing it was kind of a stupid idea at the time.


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Also known for his slowness, Mastodontico is second to none when it comes to brute strength. His fists can destroy anything, and they're more powerful than any of the weapons the entire clan has to offer, and one of the dreams he seeks to relive is that of him fighting Thorg, one of the lords of Earth, powerful enough to send entire armies flying by charging at them and create small earthquakes by walking, Mastodontico being very capable of duplicating both feats of power. Every gormiti fears such a clash between the two musclebound behemoths, for many think it would bring an end to the entire continent, and Mastodontico is convinced he could withstand Thorg's mighty blows.

In the midst of wars, every time Mastodontico appears, very few don't run away at his mere sight.

Despite being the strongest, he's one of the few who will hardly ever rely on special weapons or magic to fight, as he finds them overrated and pathetic compared to his strength, which has lead him to being easily beaten at least once.

Espectro Multiforme

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No one knows his true appearance.

Being able to shapeshift and turn invisible, Espectro is one of his tribe's most trusted assassins and messenger, being able to infiltrate other tribes without ever being detected. To make matters worse for his enemies, his electromagnetic spheres are able to destroy every life form they touch. His most interesting aspect however is his memory, being able to store a near infite amount of information and perfectly reproducing the messages told between the lords of the tribe and so, is one of if not the the most loyal follower for both Lavion and Magmion.

While his shapeshifting power is impressive as he can take the form of anything within the volcano tribe's territory and camouflage in lava, that comes with the cost of his body being very malleable and soft.

Angelo Infuocato

His name can be translated into "the angel of fire" and he's known as "the wicked war machine of the heavens".

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Being only one of the two capable of flight, Angelo helps his tribe against any aerial attacks from the Sky Tribe, thanks to his solidified lava hands which he can shoot out of his arms like bullets, being able to regenerate them almost instantly, filling the dreams of the Sky Tribe and turning them into haunting nightmares thanks to how fearsome is when he sends his hellish cry which can shatter eardrums. He can use his wings which emit fire to let the flames fall into his enemies and burn them into a heap of ash or slice them apart with his claws while striking from above.

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Angelo is tireless and relentless, but he's never treated as anything else but a weapon, one that can barely even think straight and may sometimes act in cowardly or savage ways.


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Due to his ferocity in battle and malevolent nature, many nicknames are given to this horrible, terrifying, chilling creature... "The Devil's Brother"... "The Son of Evil"... He is one of the fiercest warriors in the entire tribe, being able to fight for days without tiring, and arguably the most bloodthirsty, being one of the first who walked out of the volcano to slaughter the people of Gorm when the war started, and his bloodthirsty personality hasn't changed one bit since then.

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He uses his horns to perforate anything or anyone and all fear the power of his sharpened tail, which can strike so hard people would rather forget what happens next. Any enemy who approaches him or stands in front of him is paralyzed by fear, his cruel grin, his fatal fangs, his diabolical eyes... Malvagius evokes despair and pain!

His allies have always feared him and Magmion and Lavion still have a rough time keeping him in line, as Malva has a tendency of disobeying orders for his love of carnage, which still works out in the Volcano Tribe's favor most of the time.


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Second to Magmion as far as leaders go, Lavion is an absolute narcissist, completely full of himself and for good reason, one of his many titles is "the Lord of Terror", and as lord of the lava, Lavion can cause eruptions across his tribe's territory whenever he wishes. His pincer arm has a life of its own, it used to be its own creature, but now it obeys Lavion's every command as Lavion's new and improved arm, one which can seize and crush any opponent, stab them until they die of blood loss or slowly dissolve them on the spot after stunning them with a single punch, and that's what he's usually known for, beating his enemies with a one punch.

Posted Image

Lavion is in almost every way Magmion's equal, though he lacks some of Magmion's cunning and is rather overconfident, making him a difficult ally or leader to work with at times.

Magma Clan


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Born in electromagnetic storms, not only his hands, but his entire body is now filled with lightning, and thanks to the ability to shoot the electric discharges through his palms combined with his excellent sight allowing him to see in a 360 angle, his aim and precision are without rival. His attacks aren't the only thing to be worried about, an electric aura protects his body and touching him will shock or paralyze whoever tries said tactic. At that moment, Electricon will electrocute his opponent until there's nothing but dust.

Electricon is quite sadistic, having a certain love for the smell of his victims once they're burned after touching him.

Posted Image

Being among the physically weakest makes him an easy target, which is why he prefers to fight alongside one or all of his fellow tribe members, however he's managed to work around this weakness by powering up his blows by covering his fists with electricity. His overreliance on electricity blinds his creativity, as he never seems to use his giant mandibles or his tail full of spikes despite being good weapons.


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Similar to Espectro Multiforme, Insecticus is one of Magmion's most trusted assassins, who can also shapeshift, but to a slightly less impressive extent than Espectro, being only able to change his size from that of a normal gormiti to the size of a mosquito, keeping his normal stats intact. Being the only other one capable of flight besides Angelo Infuocato, he uses his fly-like wings to annoy his enemies from up close like any other mosquito would, only to then sting them and turn them into a mosquito-sized creature aswell. Whatever happens next is not something other gormiti feel comfortable when talking about Insecticus.

Posted Image

He uses the claws from which his stings come from to cling and hang onto rocks for weeks, waiting for prey to appear and strike by shaking their heads with his rotating claws or to burn them to cinder with the fire cannon on his right arm, which also shoots lapilli. Insecticus' only true weakness is how vulnerable he is while mosquito-sized, and how much he tends to wait for a victim or play with it.


For him, no mind holds any secrets.

Posted Image

Also known as the "Mind Trapper", he is among the most feared of his clan, for both his brain-crushing telepathic powers or his sharp claws which can easily tear through flesh. Those who have survived encounters with him have a hard time deciding which of the two is worse. He is a slimy and sly creature, taking over the minds of warriors from other tribes to cause havoc among them. He can enter their minds and take away all their most beautiful thoughts and add new ones, until the only remaining thoughts are of death and desolation. Aside from the claws, his arms and hands are also powerful antennas that absorb any thought from the mind of the enemy, leaving him exhausted and desolate.

Posted Image

He's not one of the strongest, the smartest or the toughest, but the battlefield is filled with agonizing screams of pain whenever he's around.

Guardiano Urlante

Posted Image

Being one of Magmion's most trusted and oldest warriors, some parts of his body have cooled off and have been replaced with actual weapons, the deadliest he could find to still be recognized as one of Magmion's top warriors. Thanks to his third eye, he can scout any area for miles into the horizon, and also uses the eye to watch over the Volcano Tribe's territory during day and night without the need of getting any sleep, due to the fact that inflamed lava flows through his eyes, keeping him awake, while also helping him see in the dark. and his battle cry, which is a terrifying roar in the form of a sonic scream, can shake the earth beneath him, and make the entirety of Gorm tremble of fear with its echo.

Posted Image

Guardiano prefers to kill his victims up close and personal, which means he'll often argue with Magmion who likes to keep them alive, torture them or likes to watch as they kill each other. Guardiano works well with others, particularly Lavor and Electricon, though the one main problem is that he talks in screams and screeches, and only his tribe is able to understand him.


Posted Image

When talking about Malva being arguably the most vicious of his tribe, Aracno was the only one competing with him, and when it comes to most cruel, he is only second to Magmion, and this has been said for those who know him, but not those who have survived his encounters. While he is one of the smallest due to how slim he is, he comes prepared with spider-like mandibles which can spit a jet of acid capable of liquifying anything. Aracno can create an invisible (one only he can see) web from said acid no gormiti can escape from, with the exception of the Lords of Nature.

In fact, to make sure no one would be able to escape from his webbing, Aracno made sure to take the only weapons able to slice through those webbing for himself, and those are the ones that are now part of him. He uses these to kill and slice any victim who falls into his web into pieces, eating the remaining body parts afterwards, even after the webbing has melted and the acid has burned the victim.It's also said that he can read the mind of any living being as long as fear is filling their hearts. His small size also grants him agility to superior to almost any other among his tribe, and he's easily the most nimble of them all, although at the same time, the most fragile.

Posted Image

Personality-wise, Aracno is not too different from Malva, except more slimy and cunning, but still a lone-wolf type. Magmion both trusts and distrusts him, for being a loyal ruthless creature but also for being far too crafty and powerful for his own right. The Lords of Nature themselves consider him among the most dangerous and necessary to mention to be wary about while speaking with their respective tribes.

Maglio Infuocato

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Also known as the "Hammer of Fire", this traitor to his superiors was exhiled from the Volcano Tribe's territory a long time ago. Distancing himself from the rivers of lava or the pits of magma has caused his body to cool off, and now it's mostly rock... except for his fist. His indestructible fist is proof of him still being one of the strongest of his tribe, having enough brute strength to punch his way through a mountain. Recharging in lava is hard for him, as his rocky body has a hard time resisting the heat, but it's all worth the pain, for when he's done recharging he has enough devastating power to shoot a ball of fire. Both his blows and fiery attacks will produce deafening explosions which will obliterate a good chunk of any army.

Posted Image

He's learned to recharge his fist's power without the need of lava, and now is able to regenerate its power whenever he wishes at the speed of thought, and since there's very little weighing him down, he's the most agile on his tribe, the only one above Aracno, and the fastest who could win any race, but he won't compete for his tribe, they are all his enemies, especially Magmion, and has been seeking a way to overthrow him since the very beginning.


Posted Image

The most colossal and powerful gormiti of the Volcano Tribe, Magmion rules over his clans and commands them non-stop, stealing, killing or destroying anything that belongs to the other tribes, for the sake of remaining the most powerful and rule over world or two, and he'll make sure he doesn't share it with any weaker races. His troops remain strong through the power of fear, none of his men isn't afraid of Magmion's shadow, some have even warned gormiti from opposing and enemy tribes about their fearsome master.

His power is tremendous, he either surpasses every single one of his followers by a good margin in most aspects or is right beneath them but not too far behind. He's as swift as fire, his sight is almost as good as Guardiano's (and he can stike people with his glance far into the horizon if they're getting near his territory), he can shoot projectiles of all kinds and magical attacks from his hand or his spike, which is also sharper than any of the weapons or claws his minions wield, and his fists and tail striker harder than most of his men combined. He also uses the latter, his tail, to suffocate his victims while the spikes cut through his victims' necks, and despite his cunning nature he's no stranger to savage tactics such as using his jaws filled with blade-like sharpened teeth to bite through his opponents like a beast. Simple tactics such as stabbing his foes with his spike arm are also often used by him, and no gormiti has yet survived being stabbed by Magmion, but he shines at cunning strategies, such as eliminating all seaweed to cause a temporary lack of oxygen for the Sea Tribe, or using amulets to increase his already enormous power and ensure victory.

His presence is bound to magic, and the mere mention of Magmion's name can cause the wind to stop and nearby plants to get dry and die.

Posted Image Posted Image

Magmion enjoys death and destruction, he tortured and exterminated an entire race, then started a war between said race after it got resurrected, and he enjoyed it for generations. He's an excellent fighter and sorcerer who can keep up with several Lords of Nature at once, seemingly killing most of them across countless centuries, even during the times where his body had been affected and changed by otherwordly forces.

Posted Image Posted Image

Some of these forms and upgrades have granted Magmion special abilities and decent boosts of power, such as being able to produce and launch splinters/spikes from his body in all directions, but Magmion has had very little experience with each of these momentary transformations that are long gone, and they're barely even worth mentioning.

Posted Image

Before the Lord of Darkness Obscurio and the Lord of Evil Magor came along, Magmion was the single most terrifying threat Gorm had to go up against, and while time may have passed his name still instills fear in the hearts of the bravest gormiti.

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Oct 13

The Lizard VS Killer Croc

Posted Image

Part 1: Sewers of Brooklyn, New York; 150 feet beneath the street; Midnight
Part 2: Sewers of Brooklyn, New York; 150 feet beneath the street; 2 P.M.
Part 3: Sewers of Brooklyn, New York; 150 feet beneath the street; 7 A.M.

Bonus Theme Song
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Oct 9

Hyper Doc Robot - List of abilities

Posted Image

Rolling Cutter [Cut Man's weapon]: Though originally designed as a weapon capable of cutting down forests, this tiny weapon known as the Rolling Cutter is so sharp it can cut through several skyscrapers at once. It's made of highly resistant "ceramic titanium", a material that is both lighter and stronger than titanium.

Super Arm [Guts Man's weapon]: Guts Man's arms have the strength to lift and even throw objects weghing several tons with little effort, and at its best, the Super Arm is strong enough to hold a building with one hand. Guts Man's body is also incredibly tough. A building once collapsed on his back... and he walked it off. Hyper Doc Robot has the same if not a superior level of durability.

Ice Slasher [Ice Man's weapon]: The Ice Slasher takes the form of an arrowhead-shaped blade of ice that can freeze enemies with temperatures of 200 degrees below zero. Ice Man was built to perform human-like tasks under extreme climate conditions. This can be done due to the fact he was impervious to chilling sub-zero temperatures, so Hyper Doc Robot is also impervious to them.

Hyper Bomb [Bomb Man's weapon]: Bomb Man's Hyper Bombs are very powerful explosives originally used for land reclamation and destroying abandoned buildings. While a single Hyper Bomb doesn't have as much explosive power, it's still powerful enough to blast through concrete and stone.

Fire Storm [Fire Man's weapon]: Fire Man was built by Dr. Light to work in an incinerator at a waste management facility and is able to wield flames that can reach 7000-8000 degrees Celsius, so the Fire Storm is not a weapon one should take lightly. Not only that, but Hyper Doc Robot has also made himself resistant to these hot flames.

Thunder Beam [Elec Man's weapon]: This weapon is not just one, but three high power electric energy beams are shot in different directions, one forward, one straight up, and one straight down. According to its owner, Elec Man, and Elec Man's creator, Dr Light, these beams are no different from regular lightning bolts, or so it's been theorized at least, so expect them to be pretty deadly, but their primary use was to control the voltage of nuclear plants.

Not only that, but since he has practically copied everything about these robot masters, he also shares the same lightning fast reflexes as the original Elec Man, which are only inferior to one robot: Quick Man.

Metal Blade [Metal Man's weapon]: The Metal Blade was Dr Wily's first original weapon, and it was based after Cut Man's Rolling Cutter, only that this time, it was designed to kill. Being just as durable and sharp, the Metal Blade shares almost no difference with Cut Man's weapon, aside from its overall design and that it can be shot in multiple directions, unlike the Rolling Cutter.

Air Shooter [Air Man's weapon]: While Hyper Doc Robot can't duplicate Air Man's propeller, the Air Shooter compensates that lack of wind power. This weapon causes air to become tornadoes, being used to fire several small whirlwinds that spread out and rise upward, making it an effective weapon against airborne enemies.

Bubble Lead [Bubble Man's weapon]: While this weapon is almost useless (as its only practical uses in combat are being able to trap multiple enemies underwater with hard bubbles, being able to create a bubble-like forcefield and being able to discover hidden traps with it, and the bubbles being shot from his arm cannon are not that powerful, so that's why it gets called useless), Bubble Man's underwater combat skills are still within Hyper Doc Robot, so that makes him quite formidable in deep water.

Crash Bomber [Crash Man's weapon]: Crash Man was essentially a fusion between Guts Man and Bomb Man. He was quick and agile, but he was also really durable. His weapon has the same explosive power as Bomb Man's but the Crash Bomber are once again a lot more deadlier than what they were based on, since the drills can penetrate walls and have a timer programmed for a few seconds.

Time Stopper [Flash Man's weapon]: Often considered the most powerful weapon and most revolutionary device Dr Wily's ever created, Flash Man's Time Stopper allows him to stop and slow down time for a limited amount of roughly 10 seconds. His opponents usually see him moving at instantaneous or light-like speed.

Atomic Fire [Heat Man's weapon]: Yet another one of Wily's robots based on one of Dr Light's. His Special Weapon is the Atomic Fire, a heat-based weapon powered by highly compressed nuclear energy, which can be charged to produce bursts of fire at temperatures of up to 12,000 degrees Celsius (21,632 degrees Fahrenheit).

He can also spit fire from his mouth and project enormous fire blasts from his hands. Heat Man's favorite attack is to first surround himself in flames for protection, making him invulnerable for a short time, before charging at his opponents at high speed from across the arena, causing major damage to his foes by crashing into them.

Leaf Shield [Wood Man's weapon]: While the Leaf Shield is basically composed of the same type of weapons Cut Man and Metal Man had, Wood Man's power to levitate them through electromagnetism makes the weapons even deadlier, not to mention his electromagnetic powers offer plenty of possibilities given Hyper Doc Robot's massive arsenal.

Needle Cannon [Needle Man's weapon]: A short way to describe them would be to say that they're a barrage of spike-shaped bullets which are sharp enough to pierce 10 inch-thick stone, and that's pretty much it. The Needle Cannon's ammunition is near limitless, and it can be shot for as long as anyone carrying it wants.

Magnet Missile [Magnet Man's weapon]: The Magnet Missiles are horseshoe magnet-shaped missiles that can home in on nearby enemies, fired from a launcher on his right wrist. But that's not all, Magnet Man's second ability which was passed onto Hyper Doc Robot was the magnet shield, which draws enemies closer to him so he can attack them from close range.

Magnet Man's properties also allow Hyper Doc Robot to corrupt floppy discs and other nearby magnetic storage mediums with his sheer "magnetic presence" and can also use his magnetic powers to stick to other surfaces. Magnet Man was known for using this to sleep in the ceiling.

Gemini Laser [Gemini Man's weapon]: With Gemini Man's powers, Hyper Doc Robot is capable of creating holographic copies of himself, and use that power to confuse and overwhelm his opponents as he attacks them. While Gemini Man normally only created one copy of himself, his top limit is 4 copies.

On the other hand, the Gemini Laser is a reflective laser built into Gemini Man's right arm that was developed by Dr. Wily based on the idea that everything in existence is completely subject to wave or particle theories. The particles used in the Gemini Laser react to consciousness (or programming) as a type of wave, and are thereby able to affect conscious beings as well as robots controlled by programming. Following along these lines, when the laser beam comes into contact with stationary, inanimate objects like walls, it considers such obstructions to possess infinite potential energy, and reflects off of them.

Hard Knuckle [Hard Man's weapon]: The only negative component Hard Man provides for Hyper Doc Robot's system is his weight, making Hyper Doc Robot's weight over 3 tons, but this could be considered an asset given that Hard Man could use his weight to smash the floor and cause tremors that could stun nearby foes. Other than that, Hard Man offers his Guts Man-like resistance and his weapon which are rocket-powered punches, plus some skill in sumo wrestling.

Top Spin [Top Man's weapon]: While Top Man originally couldn't spin at high speeds due to the possibility of him damaging his internal components plus getting dizzy, this weakness isn't part of Hyper Doc Robot's programming. The Top Spin are three top-like projectiles which can levitate and always seek their opponent like a missile, similar to Magnet Man's weapon. Another one of Top Man's most helpful properties is the roller skates on his feet, which now belong to Hyper Doc Robot, and they allow him to be rather fast, so quick Top Man was always known as one of Wily's fastest robots, behind Elec Man and Quick Man.

Search Snake [Snake Man's weapon]: The Search Snakes are snake-like missiles that crawl across floors and up and down walls, though ungortunately they can't crawl on ceilings. Their powerful jaws can eat through most surfaces and enemies.

Spark Shock [Spark Man's weapon]: While Spark Man's weapon doesn't create beams as fast as Elec Man's, the energy ball it spawns can still produce over as much voltage as Elec Man's lightning bolts and they have one more use besides the power to electrocute their opponent. For a few seconds, the enemy will be paralyzed, be it man or machine. In the past, robots with insulated coating were immune to the Spark Shock (even though Mega Man once managed to penetrate Guts Man's armor with it), but Hyper Doc Robot's is a lot more powerful in comparison.

Shadow Blade [Shadow Man's weapon]: The Shadow Blade is a large shuriken coated with a deadly substance that seems to not be from Earth, capable of deranging the function of mechanisms. It can be shot in 5 different directions (left, right, diagonally up and right, diagonally up and left and straight up). Hyper Doc Robot can shoot up to 3 Shadow Blades at once, unlike Shadow Man himself who could only throw 2.

Due to having Shadow Man's components in him, Hyper Doc Robot is a skilled martial artist and a master of ninjutsu magic, his abilities include being able to temporarily create duplicates of himself to distract or attack his foes, create smoke screens, and summon frog robots of varying sizes- including a giant frog robot to ride on or smaller ones to check areas for him. He can also use the Kawarimi no Jutsu, a ninja technique that replaces the body of the user with an object.

Note: Hyper Doc Robot cannot be affected by these robots' completely different personalities, despite them being part of him now. His own weapons can't affect each other, and those which are weak to others aren't anymore.
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May 29

Favourite Comic Book Performances [Movies Only]

In the next entry I'll post my favourite comic book performances in shows, especially cartoons.
Just if you're wondering why the title says 'movies only'.

This is not a Top 10, it's just a list of performances(which I'll probably keep updating in the future) from movies(and maybe shows) based on comic books. The ones I liked the most and the ones I thought were most faithful. Honorable mention goes to Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy. Bolin convinced me he's got the talent to make this work, but he should've gotten a little bit more screen time in GotG. Sidenote, Ronan sucked in that movie.

Nick Nolte as David Banner - Hulk (2003)

Posted Image

While this character was more of an amalgamation of the Absorbing Man, Zzzax and Devil Hulk/Guilt Hulk/Brian Banner, I still found the performance to be pretty solid and the character to be really intimidating. He was constantly torturing Banner and Hulk at the same time, and that's a feat most Hulk villains in the comics haven't been able to achieve or even fathom. I've always found the scene where he murders that random guard to be pretty bone-chilling.

Tom Hardy as Bane - The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Posted Image

Those who know me know that I don't like Bane. I think he's a stupid character with a stupid origin and just another one of Batman's rogues turned into a gary stu, or one that is wearing plot armor. Or both. Bane is nothing but a smarter and more competent version of Killer Croc, which means nothing to me since Bane's origin is ridiculous and that Croc is a far more interesting and sympathetic villain. Tom Hardy made TDKR more tolerable to watch, because I couldn't believe how f***ing boring the movie was.

Bane was the only redeemable thing about it, as this version wasn't a hispanic stereotype but a hammy traitor with a sense of humor and a little bit of badassery, until the end where Batman manages to take him out. Plot armor, people. Plot armor f***ing sucks.

Caesar Romero as The Joker - Batman (1966-1968) & Batman: The Movie (1966)

Posted Image

Despite not having shaved his moustache (since he didn't wanna, and I totally understand that) to play this character, Romero's performance is still one of the best in my opinion. This is the definitive Silver Age Joker. He's funny, entertaining and sometimes kinda menacing and creepy, but that's because he's a clown and clowns are the most threatening creatures in this planet. What puts him above the likes of TDKR Bane and David Banner is the fact that Caesar was more into this role than any of the previous actors, and gave one of the most faithful-to-comic-book interpretations ever.

R.I.P., you were the best thing about the 60s Batman.

Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender as Magneto - X-Men series (2000- )

Posted Image

This is kind of cheating, but screw it. They're basically the same Magneto from the same X-Men series, they're just from different timelines. No biggie.

Both Ian and Michael were wonderful when playing one of Marvel's best villains, capturing everything that makes Magneto so great. They've got the presence, the sympathy, the look(and the costumes), and most importantly, the right to defend mutant-kind without any human telling them that they're doing something wrong. After what humans have done to mutants for so long, they deserve their punishment. Magneto is a character that, if played by a decent actor, can never be a disappointing or uninteresting character. Practically every interpretation of Magneto has been great so far.

Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin - Spider-Man (2002)

Posted Image

Even though I facepalm myself every time I look at this Super Sentai reject, the Power Rangers costume makes sense within the context of the movie, since it's a stolen military armor. What I don't like about this Gobby is the fact that they had a better design concept and a freaky animatronic mask that would've been better choices for this incarnation of Spidey's greatest foe.

HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I hate it, otherwise it wouldn't be here. On the contrary, this is one of my favourite performances of the character (mainly because most GG interpretations are either pretty bad or mediocre), and Dafoe nails this character down to the core. His rivarly with Peter is perfect, the creepyness is there, he is menacing as hell and above all else, he's got tons of funny moments that don't make his character look or seem stupid or ridiculous.

And Dafoe managed this while wearing that costume. Like a boss.

Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Posted Image

You know how Dafoe managed to nail every aspect of a character despite the silly costume? Oscar Isaac also triumphs in that regard, but his costume is not silly. The more surprising thing is, this performance isn't even a month old, and it's already one of my favourites along with many that are much older in comparison.

Oscar, just like many others, captures the essence of Apocalypse's badassery, without me caring of his overall design. He might be a lot smaller and less "epic" than the original Apocalypse, but he still gets right what every single MCU villain doesn't. He is intimidating, ruthless and just like Magneto, aware of how right he is all the damn time. Not only that but he's also insanely powerful, taking down every X-Men and and most of the strongest mutants without breaking a sweat.

Thank you Oscar Isaac, I never expected to enjoy a character so much in a modern comic book movie.

Jack Nicholson as The Joker - Batman (1989)

Posted Image

Nevermind the other villains and other actors who nailed the performance.
Jack Nicholson PERFECTS this character, thanks to Tim Burton having a lot more creativity than most DC writers, but also because Jack is one of the best actors in Hollywood. He has been and shall always be one of my favourites.

This is the definitive Joker, in my opinion. His rivarly and contrast with Batman's character is done beautifully and in the best way possible. They're distinctive in every aspect, from the appearance to the designs to the personalities and the origins. OH MY GOD THE ORIGINS! It makes far more sense for this bloodthirsty (but still awesome) Batman to kill Joker so brutally after knowing what he did to his parents.

Something similar was done with Aku, from Samurai Jack, who is my absolute favourite villain from any cartoon, so it just goes to show how much I love this Joker. He's one of my favourite movie villains of all time, and Jack Nicholson made the character better. And for me, that's a FACT.

Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man - Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2 (2002-2004)

Posted Image

I would never describe Maguire's Spidey as a perfect performance, but I'm always inclined to say that it was rather "amazing". I don't enjoy Maguire's Peter Parker and Spider-Man as much as The Joker, and Jack's acting is way superior to Tobey's. Though here's the thing: Jack is an excellent actor.

Tobey isn't an excellent actor, but to me, he became Spider-Man. He didn't simply play the character, or made it his own like other actors, but while acting in the first two movies (I'd rather not mention the third one), Tobey's honest performance sucked me into the playful and comic book-esque atmosphere of the movie. He captured everything that I think Spidey should be, and used the best of Spider-Man in every needed situation. He was emotional and sympathetic, he was legitimately funny and had several one-liners, he mocked the bad guys who were excellent archenemies for him.

And above all else, he was honest. He was Spider-Man.

Michael Keaton as Batman - Batman & Batman Returns (1989-1992)

Posted Image

...And he IS Batman. That joke got wasted on s***ty performances such as the ones prior to this one.

Keaton is the original Batman, he is a cold-blooded crazy murderer that doesn't talk smack like BatBale or Batfleck. He is the ideal Frank Miller Batman, a crazy man who is lost in sanity yet is still a normal human being, who tries to live his life despite the tragedy of his parents getting shot alongside him at a very young age.

This Batman, unlike others, does not f*** around. He kicks a*** and has always been kicking a***.
Oh, and he's also the only modern Batman that doesn't have a stupid voice.

Christopher Reeves as Superman - Superman series (1978-1987)

Posted Image

This performance isn't like Keaton's or Maguire's. There won't be people in the future comparing the modern interpretations of Superman with this one. Because there is no contest. Every time someone looks up in the sky and they don't see either a bird or a plane, but Superman, they see no other than Christopher Reeve.

Everything Superman stands for and is ment to be is in Christopher Reeve's performance. And despite the latter two movies being among the worst superhero flicks, even Christopher manages to make a good performance.

You are still Superman.

J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson - Spider-Man series (2002-2008)

Posted Image

No reasons required.
Now bring me pictures of Spider-Man.
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