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Jan 26


Ich möchte meine Familie vorstellen. Meine Eltern wohnen in eniem Dorf in Ungarn. Meine Mutter is 47 Jahre alt, und arbeitet in der nächsten Stadt in einem Sozialheim für Kinder als Socialpedagogin. Sie hat ihr Studium in HB. absolviert, wo meine bessere Hälfte geboren ist.
Sie genisst die Arbeit mit mehr oder wenig behinderten Kidern. Sie ist eine Warmherzige, nette, immer positive Frau, der die Familie an der ersten Stelle steht.
Mein Vater is 48 Jahre alt, und arbeitet bei der Ungarischer Bahn als Elektriker.
Ich habe einen Bruder, der vier Jahre jünger also zwanzig jahre alt ist. Er studiert in Debrecen beschichte mit dem schwerkpunkt Internationale Verknüpfungen. Er ist für computerspiele begesitert, gleich wie Ich. Wie kommen mit einander sehr gut zurecht. und können stundenlang über computerdingst reden.
Fhrüher habe Ich mein Studium auch in Debrecen gemacht und damals habe Ich meine zwie beste Freunde getroffen.
Meine beide Omas sind noch im Leben und wohnen in Selben Dorf wie meine Eltern
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Nov 15

Der Plan

What are you feeling at this very moment ? Shivering cold and emptiness. Like a world with an enormous void. I feel the emptiness even though I am surrounded by people. Colleagues, friends and family members and yet I still feel lonely. Alex is so far away. She is the meaning of my life. Whenever I am with her I feel happiness and motivation, to be a better person each day than I was yesterday. Alex is far away a vast 1200km is what it is between us. Today is 15.11.16 I am sitting on a chair, writing this, hoping it will make me feel better. I think I am going to buy the bahnticket today. I can barely wait the moment I will hug her again. I want to live with her, I want to be there for her, to support her with whatever I can . Thats why I learn Deutsch. I want to work in Germany as an engineer and I want her to be proud of me. I would like to show her how great I can really be. I love her, and I would like to live with her. I will love her until my heart stops beating That is far for sure. She is the woman of my desire. The woman I want ultimately make happy. The partner of who I can picture myself getting old next to. Yes.... a life with her... would be perfect. Travelling to exotic places. I want a life which is happy and safe and I want to live that life with her.... together happily.
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Nov 13

i came back

Here i am in hungary again . It was a fantastic week in germany damn that was awesome
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Nov 4


I am going to Germany tomorrow, yay Its gonna be fantastic. I do hope I survive the flight :D LoL

Posted Nov 4 2016, 09:11 AM · No comments
Oct 29


Posted Image

pretty much
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Oct 26


All hail the clouds people
Grace them as they are very special
Their colors shining in light
And they darken when the night starts

Wind blows them to far away lands
They see a lot, from above there
I am jealous, they are so cool
As they have no binds what ties them to ground

I wish i could also fly to
Far away place, where my heart pulls
To see her once again
After all this time has passed

With her I shall regain Myself
United we could stand, if all fell
Watching her smile, make her happy
That is all I live to achieve
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Oct 25


Well hell,yesterday our video chat with my girlfriend has been postponed, she was not online. I thought well maybe she went to sleep. But the fact that she didnt even say good night bugged me like s***. I started to worry, feeling anxious. I ended up sleeping only like one hour the whole night. I was awake from 00 30 am ...my hearth was beating like 140 beats per minute. I thought that maybe something happened to her. I worried the s*** out of me. I evenwent to a close 0-24 shop to put some money on my phone. I made a roaming call, and yet she didnt answered.

At the end at 6 58 she wrote back, that she fell asleep ... man... a lot of bulls*** in one night. :D


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Oct 24


Here i am ... overposting the db section, I am sitting in front of the monitor at the office. I am alone.

I keep checking my phone for a msg from my love. She rarely text this time of the day since she is working. I will visit her next saturday. Its gonna be fantastic i do hope.

I need to learn more words for todays lesson . This day s gonna be long. I ll be home by 9 pm I guess.
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Oct 2

So she left

Alex left to Germany...... I have been preparing for this farewell for 3 weeks now. Actually I have been since I got told she will move. We have literally spent the whole summer together. She was with me and I was with her in everything. Difficulties, happiness, we spent really really every day like it would be the last. There is a strong bond between us. We have given our best to each other. I do feel her love towards me and I am about to give equal or even more love to her. I love her from the depths of my heart. I accompanied her to the train station, we literally cried when she stepped to the steps of the train, our last hug was so strong, our kiss was so emotional. I was crying till i arrived home.

I am planning to vidit her in the upcoming 5 weeks. And after my first 3 months pass in my current work. I will automatically follow her, I love her, and her absence tears me apart.

Skype or not it really hurts :blush: :blush: :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
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Aug 1


Here we are, almost 3 months since i first kiss her. She is totally my type, at any rate we are perfectly synched. I can easily imagine a happily life together. Only problem is that I can only blame myself for it which is the jealousy.

I know i have zero cause for being jealous, yet still whenever she is away, meeting with one of her friends /who is male / I kinda feel jealousy.

Maybe because they have a very emotional relationship I mean they literally talk about almost everything and they are really close. He got friendzoned I suppose, and Yet I feel this ....

odd >_<
Posted Aug 1 2016, 02:33 PM · No comments
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