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Rudeness and Casual Posters
Topic Started: Jun 13 2011, 09:41 PM
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See for yourself the cruel, frozen void that lies beyond the margin of Azeroth's skies!

Lately, and in the past, I've seen casual DBZ fans post versus topics in here that may seem "stupid" or "trolling" to the more hardcore DBZ fans, who blow them off and tell them they made a moronic versus topic. That is simply not acceptable. Not only does it partially or fully violate rule #1 in some cases of the entire forum, but, it also discourages casual DBZ posters to come in here and ask questions. I myself have felt awfully embarrassed or stupid after posting a "dumb" versus topic, which is not the atmosphere we want in these forums.

Please treat each and every versus topic with the same amount of healthy respect. If a versus topic is clearly a troll topic (I.E. SSj4 Gogeta vs. Oolong) then simply report it. You do not have to go in and insult the topic or the member in question, this also falls in line with our "backseat Moderating" rule. It is up to the moderators' discretion to decide whether or not the member is truly trolling or just ignorant on DBZ.

However, most of the time, with a few exceptions, most "dumb" versus topics are not dumb at all and simply people who have been exposed to a lot of anime filler or just haven't really gone into depth in DBZ versus topics ever, and thus are just learning. Anyone caught accusing these people as "trolls" or insulting them or the versus topic, or even acting disrespectful, will receive a verbal warning or an actual warning, based on the nature of the post. Treat any versus topic with the same amount of tolerance and respect you would treat an analysis by Kamikaze Pyro, one of Nusu's corners' posts or my own Legendary Super Saiyan topic.

People should not be driven away from this section just because they tried to post something they thought would be a good matchup, only to be accused of trolling and insulted. Anyone caught doing this will be punished for breaking rule #1, which has now been enforced two-fold in the entire Dragonball section.

Thank you,

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